First case of Mexican flu hits Phoenix boy, closes school

A Phoenix elementary school with over 800 students was closed today after lab tests confirmed an 8-year-old boy was Arizona’s first case of the insidious and rapidly spreading influenza. This case brought the number of confirmed cases of the disease across the U.S. to 91 in 10 states.

Moon Mountain School Principal Mary Lou Palmer sent home a parent’s advisory letter, announcing that the school located at 13424 North 19th Avenue, will remain closed for at least seven days, according to the report on KTAR News.

Maybe it’s time to close the border, Janet.

10 Responses to First case of Mexican flu hits Phoenix boy, closes school

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    I predict Janet will be the first victim of the Mexican influenza. (Thanks loads for calling it by its correct name!) Her numerous missteps will doom her. Even a deity like BO can just take so much.

  2. Ray says:

    OK, so what I’m about to say might not be politically correct, but it’s what’s on everyone’s mind. Is the child Hispanic? Was he or were any of his relatives in Mexico recently? This is critically important information and needs to be relayed to the public.
    We need to get a handle on this disease. In Mexico, people are dying.

    The border needs to be shut down. Yesterday!

    I have relatives from Mexico who don’t want to hear this, although they are well aware of the need to know, and they are asking the questions among themselves.

  3. SherriAZ says:

    From comments on the radio, it appears that buses from Mexico are NOT being stopped at the border, but are simply rolling into Phoenix. No surprise, really. Meanwhile, Hispanics are racing to the ER, many of whom are here illegally. Guess who gets to pay for all those without health insurance? So, now we get to pay for the illegals to infect us with deadly Mexican influenza. Thanks, Nappy!

  4. Kent says:

    Remember when there were quarantines for contagious diseases? Now it’s open season and a free for all
    on a deadly influenza brought to us courtesy of Ms. Politically Correct Janet Napolitano. I am furious!!

  5. Sgt. Preston says:

    Arizona is a border state, abutting a Third World impoverished and corrupt nation where routine health practices are not commonplace. One reason the cases of flu reported in this country have been less severe is that a large portion of the population is routinely immunized against a wide variety of ailments. In the destitute communities in Mexico, that is not the case. We have a degree of resistance even if this strain is different than the ones in question.

    For Janet Napolitano and Barack Obama to rejected the possibility of closing the border with Mexico during this health crisis is an outrage.

    Obama lamely said it would be “akin to closing the barn door after the horses are out, because we already have cases here in the United States.”

    I have no doubt these pro-amnesty leftists would say the same thing if the disease was Bubonic Plague. Political Correctness is their guiding light. The Democrats would see Americans die before they would risk offending Mexico.

  6. Roger Ginge says:

    John Shadegg and John McCain paint all those concerned about securing our border as “intolerant xenophobes.” Their power to keep our border a sieve to let in ever more cheap workers is directly responsible for the Mexican Flu now infecting America. Shadegg and McCain are no better for the future of our land than J-No is. At least Napolitano does not disguise herself as a Republican.

    With the McCain/Shadegg/Flake team Arizona has been duped!

  7. Clark says:

    Good as far as it goes. Roger. You omitted Jon Kyl. who campaigned on securing the border and immediately after he was reelected, teamed with John McCain and Ted Kennedy to craft the despicable Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation. Fortunately it was shot down by an enraged citizenry. This time it sports a new name, “Temporary Worker,” and will be thrust upon us by the Dems who control the process.

    So much for the checks and balances envisioned by our Founders.

  8. Jean R. says:

    I wonder if Chris Simcox ever has an overpowering urge to shout I TOLD YOU SO.

  9. Marianne says:

    He should!

  10. LiberalWatcher says:

    I know, let’s send State Rep. Eric Meyer, who bills himself as a ER doc, to the border to check people coming across! I mean, after all, those humanitarian Democrats should do that, right? Ooops, forgot, Eric Meyer gave up his license to practice medicine years ago to be a stay at home dad.

    Then CNN and others report yesterday the first death in the U.S. from swine flu down in Texas – a 23 month old child. Except, a later, very small report said the child was a Mexican national sent to Houston for emergency care as a last resort to save him. So sad, but there you go – the media forgot to tell the details (I’m shocked).

    Fly into China, Hong Kong or the Phillipines right now and they have heat scanners looking for people running a temperature, then pulling them aside before they let them past the airport.

    But walk into Arizona, even at a border crossing, and we’re lucky if the Border Patrol guys are allowed to look for drugs, much less potentially catageous people.

    I really love my country, but I think I will be staying home for the next several days. But I do encourage all the left wingers and Dems to go out shopping in crowded places.

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