The First Hundred Days: Can America endure the next 1,360?

Ralph Peters has written an insightful piece on Obama’s first 100 days in office. Titled The Obama doctrine: Hugging foes, hurting friends. Peters’ New York Post article gives a spot on assessment of the Obama administration and policies, beginning with these words:

The combination of dizzying naiveté, dislike of our allies, disdain for our military, distrust of our intelligence services and distaste for our own country promises the worst foreign policy of our lifetimes. That includes President Jimmy Carter’s abysmal record of failure.

Read the rest here.

Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin‘s 100 Days of Reckless Photo-Op Hubris provides yet another fine overview of the disaster named Obama. We highly recommend her Townhall column, available here.

3 Responses to The First Hundred Days: Can America endure the next 1,360?

  1. Stanford says:

    These were both excellent articles. Glad to have had the opportunity to read them. Both authors hit the nail on the head with regard to Obama and his overreaching administration which is leading the Capitalist US straight towards Socialism. The people of this country bought the “Hope and Change” mantra and have sadly become willing sheep.

  2. RA says:

    “I have a gift.” – B. Obama, as quoted by Harry Reid.
    I agree, B.O. will have made Carter look positively competent by the end of next year.

  3. Lindsay W says:

    Don’t think I can endure another 15 minutes of President Creep.

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