Sheriff Arpaio: Flu outbreak underscores need for border enforcement

Deputies supplied with protective gear for arrests of illegals

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says it is estimated that over 90% of all illegal aliens arrested by his Anti Human Smuggling Unit come from areas south of Mexico City where the swine flu has already killed nearly 150 people.

In order to better protect his deputies, Arpaio will supply hundreds of protective gear kits and will strongly recommend that his 750 deputies use face masks and gloves in the field when they encounter and arrest illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico.

In addition, beginning today, ICE-trained Sheriff’s detention officers in the jails will begin screening all incoming inmates for swine flu symptoms. To better safeguard jail staff and inmates, anyone suspected of being exposed will be flagged for further medical evaluation and placed in isolation cells if necessary.

The Sheriff says his deputies and jail staff may be at a far higher risk of exposure to this virus, considering the thousands of suspected illegal immigrants they come in contact with on a weekly basis in the field and in the jails. Tuberculosis and chicken pox have already presented health concerns in the jails, and both diseases are primarily brought in by illegal immigrants

The entire three-page news release is available here.

3 Responses to Sheriff Arpaio: Flu outbreak underscores need for border enforcement

  1. Doug Johnson says:

    Obviously Arpaio “gets it.” This is a serious public health problem that originated south of the border in Mexico. But the PC elites are fearful of addressing it as it needs to be addressed lest they irritate the Mexican government and cause damage to the Democrat Party. Public health issues are not a partisan issue although to the Dems, EVERYTHING is!

    At this point there should be but one concern and that is for American citizens and their well-being. Thank God for Joe Arpaio for speaking the truth!

  2. Marianne says:

    The administration talks about safeguarding Americans with a border closure as “draconian enforcement steps” and uses the foolish metaphor of “closing the barn door after the horse is out.”

    As it relates to this infectious disease, there are thousands of horses still waiting to get out of that barn door.

    During the Spanish flu in 1918, over 500,000 people died in the United States, and an estimated 50 million people died worldwide Such pandemics are hugely serious and concerns about offending Mexico or increasing the numbers of Democrat voters should both be backburnered. Are Obama and his bureaucratic functionaries nuts?

  3. Joe Gonzales says:

    Viva Arpaio! Thanks for keeping our law enforcement officers as safe as you can.

    Sat. May 2 9 AM to 11 AM Sun City Sundome. Sheriff Arpaio appreciation rally. The Sheriff speaks at 9 AM. Thank you to the great PCs of Legislative District 4 Republican Committee for providing the rest of us an opportunity to thank the good Sheriff.