The Republic: Awed by Awebama

Today’s daily devotes three pages, an editorial and a Benson cartoon to the Second Coming Of Obama — since his January inauguration. The front page is bannered with his exhortation to the assembled Arizona State University grads and their fainting families to “Change the course of history.”

The first paragraph begins with gushing adoration by describing Obama’s “eloquent message” and  his “witty response” to swaggering university president Michael Crow’s stinging embarrassment over the withholding of an honorary degree for Obama’s lack of a “body of work.” After recovering from the snafu, the school quickly backpedaled, naming a continuing scholarship in his honor.

The Leftist Obamessiah said Americans could benefit from “a fundamental change of perspective and attitude” for America, causing approximately 130 people to feel faint and dozens other to require hospitalization — one of whom suffered a seizure upon hearing such words from a sitting U.S. President.

J. D. Hayworth, a former 6-term Republican Arizona Congressman and popular KFYI-AM radio host, led a crowd at Tempe Marketplace where he did a remote broadcast of his political talk show.

8 Responses to The Republic: Awed by Awebama

  1. Army of One says:

    No wonder people were fainting. Obama was using the graduation’s captive audience of thousands to advocate on behalf of his socialist agenda for America.

  2. Jack says:

    Ha! He was able to wow the crowd with his “eloquence and wit” by means of a teleprompter that didn’t break down.

  3. Jana Simmons says:

    Because of security concerns the commencement ticket holders were told to be in the stadium FOUR HOURS early. The gates opened 2:30 p.m. for the 7:00 graduation. This was at the hottest time of the day. Obama should have stayed in Washington and let the graduates and their families have their day in peace — minus having sick call areas set up in anticipation of exactly what happened.

  4. SherriAZ says:

    I love that he exhorted graduates to look past the trappings of power and success so often prized by society and to focus on giving of themselves. Since he and the missus are millionaires thanks to contacts made in Chicago politics and were living in an exclusive area thanks to a shady land deal, I’m assuming that what he really meant was for all of them to learn how to manipulate the system while appearing to be doing “community” work. BTW, if everyone opted for service positions, won’t the number of people making $250K quickly drop in this country, providing fewer candidates to be taxed by B.O.?

  5. Kristen says:


    You are exactly correct — the 250k+ crowd will drop in number. So will the 200k+, 150k+, 100k+ … etc.

    Why give the fruit of your labor to the government if one gets less than half of it back? Middle class people will make the rational calculation that their time is worth more than that. Better to spend time with family than grow one’s company, for example.

    The long slide into economic doldrums has begun. Obama is impoverishing us, one productive citizen at a time.

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  7. Kristen says:

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    Anyway, you’ve got a great website that I visit often. Keep up the good work. I hope you continue your excellent efforts to Keep Arizona Red as well as support others working for that same goal.

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