The like totally inane Ms.McCain

Meghan McCain, blogster for the liberal on-line publication The Daily Beast, is inventive if nothing else.  In her ongoing quest to slam the Republican party, a sure-fire means of job security, she has belittled a wide variety of GOP icons. Now she insults the sexual mores of individuals based solely on their party affiliation.

The newbie Republican just registered last year as a surprise Father’s Day gift for her then Presidential candidate Dad, when she and her Mom trekked downtown to grab a campaign photo op in the process. Apparently that has been enough time for her to become an authority on the GOP’s “cluelessness” on sex.

According to the attention-hungry Meghan McCain, Bristol Palin’s new abstinence campaign shines a light on the “Republican Party’s unhealthy attitude about sex and desire.”

During her recent appearance on “The Colbert Report,“ she turned in another embarrassing performance, in which she describes herself as a “24-year-old pro-sex woman,” who “wouldn’t want to practice anything [she] wouldn’t preach.” Recently she blamed her father’s campaign for putting a damper on her — ahem — shall we say –”love life.

She’s had her 15 minutes of fame.  It’s time for the overindulged and salty-tongued Ms. McCain to grow up.

4 Responses to The like totally inane Ms.McCain

  1. Another LD11 PC says:

    It should be noted that John McCain’s mom was on Leno just a couple nights ago bragging about how she got a ticket for driving 120 recently.

    Meanwhile the McCainics in AZ are lambasting Brett Mecum for driving much more safely than John McCain’s own mother, by her own admission.

    Just one more McCainiac hypocracy to throw on the pile.

  2. Kelly says:

    A few words come to mind:
    Classless, spoiled, pathetic, brassy, immature, needs a job.

  3. Lindsay W says:

    Meghan is just one more reason Juan is feeling the heat. He’s toast in 10 finally!

  4. Pat Chew says:

    “She’s had her 15 minutes of fame. It’s time for the overindulged and salty-tongued Ms. McCain to grow up.”