U.S. Senate candidate Jim Deakin: Clueless regarding decorum

Apparently someone forgot to tell 2010 U. S. Senate challenger Jim Deakin that it is considered vulgar to campaign at cemeteries.

Yet that is exactly what he did when he and a handful of his campaign workers showed up at the Memorial Day ceremony at the National Memorial Cemetery, the final resting place of thousands of Arizona military veterans.

Wearing bright chartreuse-green T-shirts with “Deakin for Senate” emblazoned across the front, they greeted shocked attendees at the somber ceremony, by distributing Deakin’s campaign flyers.

Gov. Jan Brewer and other elected officials addressed the otherwise dignified event.

In lieu of a campaign contribution, a copy of Emily Post’s most recent Etiquette guide may be more useful.


13 Responses to U.S. Senate candidate Jim Deakin: Clueless regarding decorum

  1. Captain Marvel says:

    Not a good judgement call, to be sure. The problem is we don’t have first string candidates running against the old “maverick,” who is not a first stringer himself except in the longevity department.

  2. CrackleGator says:

    In defense of Mr. Deakin, I’d say that getting the short stick from media outlets everywhere, he has to find avenues to make his case to as many as will hear him. Handing out fliers at a cemetary may not ring your etiquette bell, however, please note that Jim Deakin shows more respect for our veterans both dead and alive than his competition.
    And don’t kid yourself. Brewer and associates weren’t on hand because of their fervent desires to visit a field of dead on this or any other day. They were there politicking, short and simple.
    Conservatives who want to unseat anti-POW McCain should give this gentleman a measure of slack.

  3. DGN says:

    There is no defense for this. NONE. You do not politicize CEMETARIES!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Chris Simcox, a founder of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps, is also a candidate and a patriot. I suspect he would show better judgment and exhibit basic good manners and respect for the departed veterans and their families.

  5. SherriAZ says:

    Hmmm…is this what we have to look forward to in terms of challengers to McCain?

  6. GOP PC says:

    Crackle, You can find a way to defend campaigning at a Memorial Day Ceremony? I’d like to speak with your Mother for a moment.

    And where do you come off with this unsubstantiated cheap shot at Simcox? The entire Simcox family paid their respects at the Memorial Day service. Emphasis on “paid their respects.” Many of the 12,000 Minutemen across America who joined with Simcox to defend our sovereignty are Veterans and soldiers. Obviously, Simcox has no problems whatsoever with our military Veteran brothers. You should be ashamed for insinuating he does.

    Jim Deakin has proven he lacks the judgment required for the job. I saw him and his campaign workers hustling the Memorial Day Ceremony attendees. Even heard him argue with a couple who were happier registering independently. There is a time and a place, Deakin. What are you trying to do, give Republicans a bad name? Why don’t you learn something about our Party before you drag us in the dirt like this–campaigning at the Memorial Day Service. Didn’t one of your chartreuse clad eager beavers stop for a moment and ask you if this was appropriate? Too bad.

    Deakin won’t get elected Dog Catcher’s Assistant after this despicable display.

  7. Republican in LD-6 says:

    That was so unprofessional that it is hard to believe he did it. He is an amatuer and does not deserve our support or vote. He lost with this action alone.

    It’s not hard to see why he wasn’t getting attention from the press. He’s not a credible candidate.

  8. armyvetaz says:

    I saw Jim Deakin there, and you are all exaggerating the situation, yes he was there handing out fliers, and yes it probably wasn’t the best choice. BUT when I was handed mine, he smiled, said “Goodmorning, Thank you for Coming!” and he thanked me for my service. He DIDNT say “I am running for senate” or anything, he didnt even tell me he IS running. He just simply greeted me and thanked me for my service. I HARDLY call that campaigning, he was just handing out information about him since the media doesnt talk about him. so what if he handed you a piece of paper. He is also a veteran and deserves more respect.

  9. Julie says:

    John McCain was there so was Chris Simcox at the end, both politicking. Jim is committed to one interview VA benefits to veterans. Jim expects critisism from the McCainiacs. Bottom line, do you want politics as usual or someone that thinks outside the box.

  10. Veteran at the VNCAZ says:

    I saw Mr Deakin and watched him for several minutes. He was away from the event near the parking area. He welcomed and thanked each person he talked to for coming and thanked every veteran for thier service. He had fliers for those that approached him, many thanked him for his service. while the event may have been difficult and emotional, Mr. Deakin showed respect. I look forward to seeing him in a more politically charged environment. Only then will we see how he will handle the needs of Veterans and the office of Senator.

  11. Tony Ford says:

    Wasn’t this about Deakin? Why are people campaigning for Simcox in here?

  12. Kelly says:

    Deakin obviously uses very poor judgment. So what if he “thanked” people as he politicked them at the cemetery. Wearing a politically branded T-shirt and handing out flyers was over the top. I think the man has shown us what he’s really all about, and the words “decorum,” “good sense” and “respect” aren’t in the lineup.

  13. Lindsay W says:

    Julie, You’re lying. We sat 3 rows behind the Chris Simcox family. To say he was “politicking” or campaigning is a total fabrication. Don’t try to cover up for Deakin’s poor judgement by lying about Simcox. It just doesn’t wash. Every campaign flyer Deakin handed out at a Memorial Day Ceremony is a big “don’t vote for me” sign, as far as I’m concerned.