Paradise Valley’s El Chorro Lodge comes to the end of the trail

The venerable El Chorro Lodge, an award-winning Paradise Valley landmark, will close its doors tonight for the last time.
A happy hour, complete with complimentary hors d’oeuvres served this evening from 3:00  – 10:00 PM will signal the end of this historical restaurant and bar — originally built as the Judson School for Girls in 1934 by John C. Lincoln.

Happy Trails to you…..


5 Responses to Paradise Valley’s El Chorro Lodge comes to the end of the trail

  1. Rotary Meetings says:

    Over 15 years ago, when we just spent winters in Az, I used to go to many different Rotary Club meetings throughout the Valley. The meetings at this location hold some of my best memories of Rotary Fellowship — I’m sure the atmosphere at El Chorro’s had a lot to do with that.

    Gosh I must be getting old!!!

  2. DGN says:

    If I had known this a week ago, I would have taken my wife there for our anniversary instead of somewhere else.

    As a PV native who grew up a few miles from El Chorro, I have to say this STINKS. But I can’t blame the owner for selling out. The money is just too good.

    Goodbye to an Arizona classic. Nothing else is quite like El Chorro. It’s among a vanishing breed of truly classic Arizona landmarks that hearkens back to a better time when Phoenix wasn’t quite so “stucco-fied and red-tiled.”

  3. Gimlet says:

    Oh, my gosh! I hadn’t heard this. We’ve always loved sitting on the patio and enjoying a leisurely breakfast on a lovely Autumn/Winter/Spring day in Phoenix. Sad to think that has come to an end.

    El Chorro is an institution!

  4. Night Owl says:

    I enjoyed the “Happy Trails” music at the end of the post. Nice touch!

    Sorry to see this landmark go. I suspect the acreage will go to homesites.

  5. Tom Bruckman says:

    Say goodbye to ” Jim the bartender” Hopefully he will relocate soon