Words you’ll never read in the Arizona Republic

The Arizona Department of Public Safety has located 25 illegal alien co-conspirators in a drophouse — along with four of their coyotes or transporters, to whom they paid thousands of dollars to bring them into the United States by circumventing the laws of our sovereign nation — as they used stealth and trickery to enter unlawfully.

The Republic’s article was originally titled: “25 immigrants saved from Phoenix drophouse,” implying that “immigrants“ who had legally migrated to the United States were being held by strangers who kidnapped them from the streets of their native lands, forcing them to come to Arizona.

The report in the newspaper reads like this.

We are happy to provide our glossary to assist in reading the news report in Republicese.


5 Responses to Words you’ll never read in the Arizona Republic

  1. John Williams says:

    The newspaper makes the illegals sound like victims, yet these coyotes are the very people they contracted with and paid to bring them across the border. I appreciate your glossary, which exposes the word games the AZ Republic has made an art form.

  2. Jana Simmons says:

    There are many of us who deeply appreciate your continued attention to this issue, that is costing Arizona taxpayers dearly. The expenditures in numerous benefits, education including ESL, medical care for which we foot the bill and criminal justice related matters are unsustainable. And in these difficult economic times, we are having trouble keeping our own heads above water. The illegals should stay in their homelands and repair their own country’s economy.

  3. Dennis O'Brien says:

    The glossary should be printed on a card and distributed to each and every person we meet. They should also be mailed to the editorial staff and reporters at the Arizona Republic newspaper. It won’t change their style, but it will alert them to the fact that we, the citizens of the state and this nation, are on to them.

  4. SherriAZ says:

    Yet another story placing illegals in the role of victim, followed by a story on AZCentral about an illegal who became a phoney pastor and somehow escaped being deported. This guy is not affiliated with any church and has no training whatsover, yet tells the reporter that he was sent to America by God. (he probably thinks he sees the Virgin Mary in his morning cereal too)

    Clearly this born again charlatan lacks Scriptural knowledge or he would know that Christ said that we should follow the laws and rulings of those put into authority over us and “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. Christ would not welcome a “pastor” who uses a phoney title to skirt the law. Many Christian pastors- I’m talking the real ones here – teach that real Christians follow the law. People who are here illegally and are Christians will do the right thing and self deport rather than break the law. Clearly this is a lesson that escapes those who are “self taught” in theological doctrine.

  5. Night Owl says:

    Following the law or biblical scriptures is not what these people are about, Sherri, They break the law the first day they step foot on our soil and compound the crime by purchasing false documents to aid them in their deception. It’s a never ending cycle. The costs they place on Americans are great.