Cooking up “news” where there is none

The daily newspaper’s editorial board, reporters and columnists are not merely content to create negative news concerning Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio when none exists. They have even enticed the Goldwater Institute, a Libertarian “think tank” that would ordinarily be the daily newspaper’s antithesis, to repeatedly slam the sheriff in grand style.

Today, with nothing else to fill their increasingly meager pages, they come after Joe’s ham stew, which they declare as “vile.”  Inmates have been protesting the hot, evening meal, no doubt feeling entitled to menu items found at the finer Valley establishments. 

Ever inventive in their anti-Arpaio zeal, the Republic has enlisted chefs Eddie Matney, Christopher Gross’s assistant and Silvana Salcido Esparza to create enticing recipes, using similar ingredients, more attuned to the refined criminal palate.

Score zero for the Republic and ten each to the anything-for-publicity Valley chefs, obviously hurting for business in a down-turned economy.

7 Responses to Cooking up “news” where there is none

  1. SherriAZ says:

    The retaurants that employ these chefs should be noted so that the public can choose NOT to visit them as a show of support for Sheriff Joe. The last time I checked, being in jail was supposed to be punitive. Serving tasty meals prepared by Valley chefs is more than our kids get in their school lunches. Why should criminals get better fare?

  2. Sideliner says:

    I agree completely, Sherri! Very good points!

  3. seeingredaz says:

    As per Sherri AZ’s request:
    Eddie Matney: Eddie’s House in Scottsdale
    Christopher Gross: Christopher’s Restaurant and Crush Lounge, Phoenix
    Silvana Salcido Esparza: Barrio Café, Phoenix

  4. Hi Sherri , did you read what I said in the paper , dont steal dont drink and drive and pay your taxes , I was not there showing any one how to cook better food for the jails or did I make any comment on that the food should be better , jail is not a resort , it is what it is and the food that is prepared for tent city is safe and healthy , its just not to my taste and thats why I did not eat any of it. and I was not making any stand on what they should be serving , if anything my comments said dont brake the law . its funny that you did not get it , and where did you get that we were serving tasty meals to the jails ,we were not and I was not making comments what should be served or how meals should be cooked , so I do not understand how you can make the statement between school lunches and the jails. I think you should read the paper again and look at the website and see it was all done in fun and chill a bit , knowing tent city is there helps make me a little more reasonable.

  5. Republican in LD-6 says:

    I am always surprised that any thing critical of Joe’s jail procedures incurs the wrath of my fellow Republicans.

    But, they forget, more than 80 percent of those in jail have not been convicted of the crimes they are being held for.

    And, condemning meals that cost less than it costs to feed a stray dog or cat is not condemning proper law enforcement. To portray criticism of food that tastes awful, while meeting minimum nutrition guidelines, as supporting convicts is nonsense.

    Then, making a fluff-piece in the newspaper to suggest that the Republic wants prisoners to have 5-Star resturant meals is equally nonsensical. Look at the recipes used by those chefs – they have nothing to do with suggesting restaurant meals be added to the jail menu. It was a joke about making a gourment meal out of the bottom of the pot food.

    I think suggesting a boycott of chefs that participated in a “food-fight” is foolishness. I’m glad Christopher responded.

    I like Joe. And, I consisently vote for him. But, that doesn’t mean I’m blind to issues that involve his office. It means, overall, I like his law enforcement compared to his opponents’ approach.

  6. seeingredaz says:

    Perhaps we both “misunderstood “ one another chef Christopher. It was never assumed you wanted fine cuisine for inmates. You did however, fall prey to another attempt to “zing” Sheriff Arpaio, a man the daily newspaper loves to hate. If he is able to feed those in his custody nutritiously on the cheap, that’s fine with us. Actually some of us have dined in your establishment and even followed you from the northwest corner of Camelback and 24th St. to the upstairs of Biltmore Fashion Park to your newest location downstairs. All have easy parking, fine wine and good food. We simply ask that you don’t allow yourself to get sucked into another slam on the Sheriff we support.

  7. SherriAZ says:

    Chef Christopher: NOTHING in the Republic concerning Sheriff Joe is done in fun. If you think people should “chill” on this subject, then clearly you were selected by the Republic for a reason.