Mayor Phil Gordon says this isn’t a conflict of interest — What do you think?

Have you ever heard of Bombardier Transportation?  Didn’t think so.

For starters, the Montréal, Québec-based company has recently been awarded a $260 million contract by the City of Phoenix. They are contracted to build a sky train at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, linking the airport terminals to the light rail, the rental car center and airport parking — a project scheduled for completion by 2020.

But even before the contract was awarded, Bombardier hired Phoenix-based Policy Development Group to help guide them through the bid process. And a wise move it was, given that the principles would certainly have an inside track — since the company is run by none other than Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon’s sister and brother-in-law, Gail Gordon and Ron Ober

Pretty cozy arrangement.

Bombardier also hired Phoenix International Consultants, led by Ronnie Lopez, who chaired election campaigns for both the mayor and Councilman Claude Mattox.

Meanwhile, contract competitor Sumitomo brought on former Phoenix firefighters union President Billy Shields, a close friend and fundraiser of Gordon, who now runs lobbying firm Shields Consulting/Public Policy Partners.

And speaking of firefighters, it’s worth noting that Maria Baier,  Phil Gordon’s hand picked and personally endorsed District 3 city council person is the sister of Fire Chief Bob Khan, positioned to vote for pay increases for her own brother and his union. Baier is also notable for appearing on the endorsement list of Republicans for Janet — Arizona’s liberal former governor, now doing her part to keep the borders porous for the Obama administration.

The daily has the complete article regarding the contracts that is worth reading — if you can keep the players straight. The juicy information is tucked away under this likely intended-to-be-overlooked headline: Phoenix City Council to award Sky Train contract.


8 Responses to Mayor Phil Gordon says this isn’t a conflict of interest — What do you think?

  1. Sam says:

    The absolute hypocrisy of this man is beyond belief. He pads the pockets of his relatives and pals as he maintains sanctuary city policies in Phoenix and disregards the will of the citizens of the city.

  2. Doug Johnson says:

    Of course, Phil Gordon would enrich his relatives. And what a bogus headline in the Republic. They had to report this nepotism and city government-endorsed corruption at the highest levels, but did so as undercover as possible. Obviously, they wanted the escapades of “their boy” in city hall to escape notice.

  3. Seen It All says:

    Mayor Gordon’s relatives get rich on this contract and Gordon says there is no conflict of interest because the city disallows direct lobbying on these bids and his relatives did not lobby him?

    He must think the people of Phoenix are morons. And why not, the elected him.

  4. Maggie says:

    Phil Gordon is so arrogant that he probably thought his efforts to enrich his own relatives wouldn’t be uncovered. Although I’m no fan of the Arizona Republic, at least they exposed this disgusting scheme that fills Gordon’s family coffers at taxpayer expense. This stinky duplicity doesn’t pass the smell test on any level. Whatever happened to the impeachment that was being waged against this scuzball?

  5. Stanford says:

    Gordon’s sister and brother-in-law Ron Ober and Gail Gordon, live in Paradise Valley in a $million + home. Having the mayor as a relative pays off well.

  6. Ron says:

    What about Gordon’s spokesman Scott Phelps trying to make City Manager Frank Fairbanks the fall guy on this? These guys should try out for the Leno slot on late night TV. They’re a lot funnier than Conan O’Brien.

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