Just when we think we’ve seen the worst of Linda Valdez….

….comes clean with desire that  GOP hold “permanent minority status”

Beginning her absurd columnMexicans today are the Irish of yesterday,” by telling us more than we want to imagine about her unusual romantic life and subsequent marriage to a Mexican immigrant, Valdez pounds her pro-illegal immigration drum more ferociously than ever.

Ina an argument that doesn’t fly, she likens illegal Mexicans who are flooding into the United States in violation of our law and national sovereignty, to the Irish who came through Ellis Island to be lawfully processed after arriving via an ocean voyage. 

Then she dives into a tirade — hurling brickbats at Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Horne, who stands in opposition to La Raza (The Race) studies in the Tucson Unified School District.  Horne exposes the Reconquista instruction as “ethnic chauvinism.” The program teaches students in American schools that the American Southwest belongs to Mexico and should be reclaimed.

Valdez contends this instills a “sense of pride and political savvy in Latino kids.”

After recounting her attendance at a seminar put on by Humane Borders, a group that places water stations in the desert to aid illegal crossers, she lays blame for heat-related deaths on those who believe a nation’s borders are legitimate and should be respected. She calls them “Demagogues, mean-spirited politicians and other blowhards spewing corrosive blather.”

Then she makes a not-so-startling admission. 

“Horne and the GOP-led Legislature,” Valdez opines, “have attracted the attention of teenagers who usually have better things to do than watch politicians make fools of themselves. What those kids learn from this assault on their education will shape their political views — and help relegate the Republican Party to permanent minority status. This should trouble the mainstream Republicans who used to bring something to the political debate besides ideology and intolerance.

But it doesn’t bother this wife of an immigrant one little bit.”

Finally, she confesses to what we have long ago figured out.

5 Responses to Just when we think we’ve seen the worst of Linda Valdez….

  1. Joe Evans says:

    Valdez is an impenetrable liberal, which defines her as disinterested in facts. That she extols the racist teaching of La Raza studies in taxpayer funded schools, speaks volumes. Her admission that she detests Republicans comes as no big surprise other than now she no longer tried to conceal her loathing.

  2. Kara Leighton says:

    My curiosity has gotten the best of me regarding Linda Valdez’s tale of her marriage to a Mexican immigrant.
    1. What kind of a relationship does one have with a person they are unable to converse with?
    She says in her article she and her immigrant husband were unable to speak one another’s languages. They must have had a lot to base a marriage on, since they didn’t know how they felt about the most fundamental of issues.

    2. She never says whether her husband came to the US using the legal or illegal route. That omission makes me wonder.

  3. Linus S. says:

    While it’s not about immigration, it is somewhat related.

    Arizona has just taken a major step towards dismantling race and gender preferences and discrimination in state and local government. Today, The state Senate voted to place an initiative on the 2010 general election ballot barring discrimination against – or preferential treatment for – any individual on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. The Arizona House approved identical legislation last week.

    “Today we are giving Arizonans an opportunity to tell our government to end this form of legalized discrimination once and for all,” remarked Rachel Alexander, chair of the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative.

    And most people would agree with Rachel… A recent Quinnipiac University National Poll finds American voters overwhelmingly in favor of abolishing Affirmative Action. The survey also shows voters disagree by more than 3 to 1 with Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor’s ruling in favor of racial preferences in a case involving firefighters in New Haven, CT.

  4. Chuck says:

    Like any liberal Linda Valdez engages in name-calling when her arguments leak like a sieve. The AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction is right on the money when he says these Raza studies must stop. They don’t instill “pride and political savvy” as Valdez states. They instill hatred and divisiveness to Arizona public school students who are supposed to be learning American history. If they want Mexican history and study programs, they know where to get them.

    To respond to your first comment without going overboard, Kara, what do you think is a driving force when you can’t converse with someone of the opposite sex? This isn’t rocket science.

  5. Ascot says:

    Didn’t Rachel Alexander also win the Belmont Stakes at Churchill Downs a few weeks ago? Quite a multi-tasker. I like her quote regarding abolishing legalized, state sactioned discrimination.