Education unionists stage protest at AZ legislature

Members of the Arizona Education Association (AEA) union were out in force at the state Capitol today demonstrating against a five-percent cut to education. The boisterous crowd, bearing signs and chanting slogans, caused security to briefly lock the doors to the House of Representatives.

In April, House Majority Whip Andrew Tobin (R-Dist.1) wrote an exposé on some of the tactics engaged in by the teacher’s union and colluding Democrat legislators regarding sending layoff notices intended to frighten teachers — many of whom still had jobs.

The AEA is under the aegis of the National Education Association (NEA), the largest union in the country, and one of the most powerful leftwing political forces nationwide. Read about some of the group’s alliances here.  The facts will surprise you.

Former Education Secretary Rod Paige apologized after he called the union a “terrorist organization,” a few years ago, but said he stood by his claim that the group uses “obstructionist scare tactics” in its fight over the nation’s education law.


4 Responses to Education unionists stage protest at AZ legislature

  1. Virginia says:

    Thank you for calling the AEA out for what it is, a leftwing union. I taught for years and saw firsthand things that would have sent parents into spasms if they had know the truth about the pressure tactics, fear-mongering and raw political and reprehensible gamesmanship that was stomach turning. Many longtime friendships were ripped apart by the allegiances they demanded. Students were certainly not the winners in the power play.

  2. Calypso says:

    This is the hidden agenda. They are unions, with their main goal of protecting their power base. Children are nowhere near the top of the list.

  3. Teecha says:

    Great link, SRA!!
    Here ’tiz for those of you who didn’t bother to click it on!!

    Read the NEA’s Philosophy midway down the page on the right. Also, take a gander at the programs and groups that are funded by the NEA. AMAZING!!!

  4. Richard Wayne says:

    The problems with the NEA/AEA are real and horrible. If they were the only problem with the district school system, it would be enough to scrap the system.

    However the on-going corruption of the administrators and their friends is even worse. Their actions are worse than ENRON or Milkin and are more in the ilk of Bernie Madoff. They serve only themselves and their friends with financial packages that START at over $100,000 and go up to and over a quarter million a year while stealing money from the classroom in violation of ethics in some cases and in violation of state law in others.

    The public school monopoly is a dinosaur that can only be transformed with the implementation of a true parents right to choose – with state funding – the best educational option for their children.

    Eliminate the union work rules and the union tenure rules, drastically reduce the administrative overhead, start true performance pay incentives, eliminate the state and federal education bureaucracies, and institute universal vouchers. Voila! The problems will be solved within three years with better educated students and a reduced cost to taxpayers.