McCain, Brewer successfully lobby for newest Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates

Bill Gates (no, not THAT one) selected to fill city council vacancy

Phoenix attorney Bill Gates has become the newest member of the Phoenix City Council, after coming in ahead of 18 other applicants for the post.

Gates, 37, is the in-house counsel for Karsten Manufacturing Corporation which manufactures Ping golf clubs and has lived in District 3 for over a dozen years.

He was elected on a 5 – 3 vote today. Councilwoman Peggy Neely nominated Gates, whom she said she had never met before.

Mayor Phil Gordon, along with council members Tom Simplot, Michael Johnson, Michael Nowakowski and Neely, voted for his confirmation. Council members Claude Mattox, Sal DiCiccio and Thelda Williams voted against Gates.

The daily reports that Gates was also recently appointed by Gov. Jan Brewer to a state regulatory commission, and said he would draw on his long-standing personal relationship with the governor and her family to benefit Phoenix. He grew up with Brewer’s son, Michael.

In recent days, aides to both Gov. Brewer and Sen. John McCain had lobbied the council to select Gates.

Gates will serve on an interim basis until the November special election, when he indicated he plans to run for the seat recently vacated by Maria Baier.

10 Responses to McCain, Brewer successfully lobby for newest Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates

  1. NightOwl says:

    Odd that Councilman Sal DiCiccio would vote against Bill Gates’ nomination when Gates was favored by Sen. John McCain and DiCiccio once worked for McCain. There must be an interesting story there.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Odder yet that Councilwoman Peggy Neely would nominate someone she admitted she didn’t know, first thing out of the hatch, as soon as the four minute speaking time was up. She was clearly being the good soldier and following her marching orders.

  3. Hometown Guy says:

    Several years ago McCain had a lot of people puzzled when he interjected himself into a City Council race in Glendale. Yup, Glendale!! That’s quite a reach down for a sitting United States Senator. And still his candidate lost! It was a comical outcome to a display of McArrogance.

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Our Congressmen and Senators (and Governor) need stick to the business they were elected to handle and keep their noses out of city council and legislative district races. If they have so much spare time on their hands that they are able to meddle in other races and attempt to influence the state and county judicial appointment process, maybe they are being overpaid. It seems to me that this country is in deep doo and they have more than enough to keep them busy representing Arizona on the national level. I for one am getting damn tired of the arrogant interference.

  5. Seen It All says:

    Home Town Guy:
    How is McCain’s “reach down” any different from Sen. Jon Kyl, and U.S. Reps. Shadegg, Flake and (former Rep.) Renzi (in a move orchestrated by McCain), signing on to a letter to encourage the ouster of an elected district chairman? They wanted the chairman to be replaced by disgraced former Governor Fife Symington who was ultimately pardoned by Democrat Bill Clinton as a reward for saving his life in a swimming incident decades earlier. Symington stepped down as governor and was facing prison, but he was their choice to take out the conservative. There again, they lost and the district chairman remained.

    Many of the same crew tried the underhanded tactics later and eventually got a lightweight McCain Trojan to replace the district chairman. Still the district chairman got the last laugh and Maricopa County Republicans benefited. Effective leader Rob Haney is now the County Chairman! And Tom husband, who they took out on the precinct level, removing him as County Chairman, is now the County Executive Director…proving once again that God is in his heaven and all is right with that aspect of the world!

  6. Paul Cavnee says:

    I thought it rather interesting when council members questioned some of the candidates. Their questions weren’t addressed to the candidates qualifications, but as to their stand on various issues. Also they completely ignored the support that two of the candidates had at the council meeting. Mayor Gordon said it wasn’t a popularity contest, but it will be in the fall when the voters make their decision.

  7. Joe Kaforney says:

    Haney and Husband got what they deserved: another opportunity to work for the good of the grassroots of our party. I wish them God speed!

  8. Realist says:

    I wish McCain would give this much attention to stopping the democrats in D.C. from destroying our country! This guy is desperate to be returned to D.C. to do what? Maybe, Joe Kaforney(the above blogger) could give us the answer.

  9. Another LD11 PC says:

    McCain’s people and Gordon and his people are about one thing: ensure that government contracts are awarded to their pals (see the story last week about Phil Gordon’s sister’s lobbyist firm winning the billion dollar bid for the airport trolley.)

    Their interests in these government contracts cuts across all political party interests.

    Just because DeCiccio voted against doesn’t mean much. Even God can’t control all his people all the time.

    Follow the $$$$.

  10. […] went on during the recent city council meeting when Phoenix attorney Bill Gates, a Republican,  was selected to fill the vacancy created by the skedaddling of short-termer Maria […]

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