Strange bedfellows: The Republic becomes apologist for Jeff Flake

In an editorial today, A dad’s tough call on historic vote, Doug MacEachern, struggles to give cover to Congressman Jeff Flake. MacEachern does his best to explain away Flake’s absence from the crucial vote on the American Clean Energy and Security Act — better known as the Cap-and-Trade bill, intended to restrict carbon emissions by imposition of exorbitant penalties against the U.S. which other nations are able to skirt.

The bill passed by a slim margin, 219-212. The legislation is often called “historic” since its effects are far reaching and disastrous to American manufacturing.

Juxtapose the immense proportions of that against the fact that Flake’s 18-year-old daughter Alexis, was a contestant in a beauty pageant in Mobile, Alabama.  Flake opted to attend the pageant, although the contest finals were not held until the weekend. He attempted to put a fatherly face on his egregious action, writing on his site: “I’ve let my daughter down enough over the years, and I felt I just couldn’t let her down again.”

It might have been a good opportunity to teach young Alexis a lesson about the seriousness of responsibility — while still showing up for the main event.

The vote was on the most sweeping environmental bill in U.S. history — an expansive measure that aims to undercut American industry by placing severe restrictions on carbon-emitting fuels which liberals blame for the questionable science of global warming. China, our largest debtor nation, and India, among a host of other countries, have no such restrictions, allowing them to further hamstring the United States in the competitive global marketplace.

The final vote total is here

As we noted on Friday, syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin lists the eight turncoat Republicans and calls out the two Republicans who weren’t available to vote: Arizona’s own Jeff Flake and John Sullivan of Okalahoma, who is undergoing alcohol rehab. Dem. Rep. Patrick Kennedy was pulled out of rehab to cast his vote.

8 Responses to Strange bedfellows: The Republic becomes apologist for Jeff Flake

  1. Ellsworth says:

    Our service personnel are not able to go AWOL to attend their children’s functions. Where is the concept of responsibility? What a fine opportunity he had to display an example of accountability to his family, and still attend the pageant finals. You muffed it again, Jeff!

  2. Kelly says:

    Don’t make me laugh! Flake doesn’t need the Republic to transform him into a “strange bedfellow.” He’s got his liberal congressional buddy Luis Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat with whom Flake partners on every high dollar amnesty issue that comes down the pike. They’ve long teamed up on STRIVE act benefits for illegal college students. Have you ever once heard Flake talk about his involvement in those issues here in AZ? Not a chance. He’s a different man in Washington, DC than he is here. As to his daughter’s beauty contest, he was easily able to make the important part, but he left his constituents high and dry. They’ve probably come to expect that since those are the tactics we all get from our two US Senators. Have either of them ever seen an illegal alien they didn’t want to assist?

  3. West Washington Watcher says:

    Jeff Flake should be ashamed, but he doesn’t have it in him. The word from some usually reliable wags is that his aides solicited the Republic for this editorial. The editorial IS very half hearted in its attempt to cut him some slack, so maybe the rumor has legs.

  4. Kate says:

    How interesting that Flake staffers could call up the Repugnant and get a favorable editorial on request.
    So true about all that he could have taught his daughter by being responsible and living up to his oath. I thought only Dems were Oath-Busters?
    Oh, yeah, now I get it…..

  5. AzRep says:

    Flake has less concern for his constituents than any other member of the Arizona delegation and this has always been true. He is confident that as long as he puts a picture of his family dressed in white on a new campaign sign every two years, keeps the the Club for Growth money happy and burns no bridges with the Republic, he needn’t worry himself with what the people in his district believe.

  6. Jana Simmons says:

    You summed Flake up very well. With his toothy grin and blonde highlighted pompadour, he exudes arrogance as he screws over his constituents. I find it appalling that he is given such a wide berth on his favorite topic of “earmarks,” (which have gone nowhere) and gets a pass on his amnesty positions. It was fascinating to watch how he stayed away from his liberal Democrat congressional colleague Luis Gutierrez when he was in town recently meeting with the open borders crowd. Gutierrez (Illinois), was on a multi-state tour, making outrageous demands on behalf of illegals and calling for their legalization. Flake took cover as though he had never heard of the guy, yet they co-sponsor legislation that benefits these same illegals. I know I read something about this on this blog but I can’t locate it.

    What is so baffling is that no one ever questions Jeff Flake about this involvement here at home. And you can be sure he never raises it as an issue. He has perfected the art of being two different people depending on which side of the country he is on.

  7. seeingredaz says:

    Glad to help, Jana. We previously covered the Flake/Gutierrez deception in this March 8, article:

    Where’s Jeff Flake and why does he want to help “turn more red states blue?”

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