Tony Bouie carpetbags into District 4

An interesting Primary is shaping up in Legislative District 4, giving voters an unusually clear choice. Tony Bouie, the lifelong Democrat who opportunistically registered as a Republican just five days prior to opening his 2008 campaign for a Dist. 6 House seat, is back in campaign mode. 

Bouie made headlines with his unmatched pattern of and double-dealing and habitual fabrications during the race that resulted in him being soundly defeated by Reps. Sam Crump and Carl Seel.  Although the voters of the district were not deceived, he did win the support of the open borders crowd, who directly benefit from a steady stream of low-wage workers, and happily fed his campaign coffers.

Bouie has reportedly said that he is targeting Rep. Judy Burges — the # 1 PAChyderm rated member of the Arizona House.

Term-limited LD 4 Sen. Jack Harper is running to join Rep. Burges in the House. Adding to the kafuffle Rep. Tom Boone has now filed an exploratory committee against announced candidate Scott Bundgaard, who is running for the senate in the district.

Anyone need a scorecard? The line forms on the right.


13 Responses to Tony Bouie carpetbags into District 4

  1. West Valley GOP says:

    Bouie? Again? I didn’t think he had it in him. Can he now say that he waited two years and five days to run? Easy for conservatives in this one. Burges and Harper all day. And Bundgaard before Boone. Boone’s a decent enough guy, but he’s hardly a conservative stalwart. Bundgaard was a stud.

  2. Hometown Guy says:

    Watch John Shadegg roll out the red carpet for this lying fool again. It disgusted me last time and I imagine the spectacle will recur.

  3. Janelle says:

    Now we might know why Shadegg is eyeing retiring again. Maybe he wants to spend full-time prepping Bouie. Burges and Harper and the two hardest working campaigners in Arizona. Shadegg’s help was worthless last year for a district in his CD, guess how helpful he will be in LD4. Can Bouie spell ZERO?

    If we get lucky, the Wake Up Arizona, Sproul, Baker, Shadegg group will target this race. They will lose worse than last year AND won’t have any money left to pick off conservatives who are more at risk than Burges and Harper. Jack and Judy will ROLL!

  4. MacBeth says:

    I had to Google to find out for myself that Shadegg actually endorsed Bouie. What an odd thing to do. Does anyone know what the payoff for that would be? I’ve always assumed he was a conservative.

  5. Seen It All says:

    Let me share an adage my father told me about the word “assume,”, MacBeth.

    He said if you assume, it makes an “Ass” of “U” and “Me.”

    Smart guy, my Dad. Don’t take this personally. A lot of us were conned by John Shadegg. But I can tell you this. If he ever was a conservative, he’s not one anymore.

  6. Clark says:

    Bouie is a slickster. I hope the people in LD 4 are prepared for this con. When his lips move you can be certain of one thing…he’s lying.

    According to this report posted here. even the AZ Republic accused him of lying:

  7. Night Owl says:

    Yes, and the Arizona Republic called him out as a liar, also. Check out this link:

  8. Ron Reynolds says:


  9. Republican in LD-6 says:

    Why would even Tony the Liar want to go through this again? And, against Harper and Burges? This has to be a joke. If it’s not, it sure is funny anyway.

  10. Lindsay W says:

    It must be a sad day for District 6 conservatives to learn they have lost their best RINO candidate opponent. Bouie and his advisors, Doug Clark and Horst Kraus made it so easy for platform honoring Republicans in 2008.

    I bet District 6 conservatives will miss Tony Bouie. The finger of guilt you like to point at real Republican candidates is going to serve you REAL WELL against Sen. Harper and Rep. Burges–honest.

  11. Ricky Maldanado says:

    To LD-4: Be sure to ask Tony the Tiger for his position on the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative. But don’t ask him right away. Wait until after he has soaked up some rino contribution money first.

  12. Gary says:

    Night owl:
    After the Republic exposed Bouie’s compounded lies, the left leaning shriveling newspaper actually endorsed him! But why not? Congressman John Shadegg did, and even got his congressional colleague Mike Pence (all the way from Indiana) to join him. Open borders mean cheaper labor for their high end campaign donors, so they do what works for them. It sure doesn’t work for me!

    I’m of the opinion that the elected Republicans who act like Democrats think their base will forgive them anything rather than vote for an actual Democrat. They are wrong. We might as well get screwed over by the opposition than our own GOP. Then of course, there is the option of withholding your vote entirely. That’s what I intend to do with Shadegg this next cycle. I’m a conservative, and if the situation were reversed, I have no doubt he would treat me the same.

  13. Keen Observer says:

    So true, Gary, about having a Dem do the damage rather than messing over our Republican Brand! All we ask is “Truth in Advertising”, and I had no idea I was asking too much from John Shadegg, of all people.