The spin and the truth

Expecting the daily newspaper to configure reports to suit their agenda is de rigueur. The pattern of slippery dealings with the facts have become their stock in trade. But even the most cynical among us found ample reason to do a double-take at today’s coverage of ten scheduled closings of Basha’s grocery stores and the chain’s bankruptcy filing. 

The 77-year-old Chandler-based and family-owned chain has felt the brunt of the tough economy. At the same time, the non-union enterprise has been the victim of thuggishly unscrupulous practices by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), whose relentless attacks have cost the company millions in legal fees, damage control and lost business. The business section of the newspaper accurately addresses these issues.

But astonishingly the focus of the front page report is none other than Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the antagonist of the resolutely committed-to-open-borders editorial board. That article links the closure of three Food City stores in the chain to Arpaio‘s “immigration crackdowns,” and the loss of jobs previously held by illegal aliens. Basha’s Food City targets Hispanic shoppers.

The article quotes a Washington, D.C. immigration studies think tank, which speculated that stricter immigration enforcement, including the state’s employer sanctions law aimed at eliminating jobs for “undocumented immigrants,” was likely the cause.  Reporter Daniel Gonzalez calls it “the exodus of the undocumented Latino population.”

You get the drift.

A small business owner quoted in the report blamed her need to downsize on the fact that many of her customers have lost their jobs “or their relatives were deported.”  So the loss of business and subsequent store closures are blamed on enforcement efforts causing illegals to return home.  

Wal-Mart and Fry’s both have stores catering to Hispanic customers. Three years ago, Fry’s opened a 66,000-square-foot prototype Mercado. But as union shops, they are not hammered by UFCW, spreading false tales of expired baby formula, tainted milk and peanut butter imported from China and egging on demonstrators to keep shoppers at bay.

The newspaper is falling into an abyss as subscriptions continue to decline, and staff and content are routinely scaled back.  Rather than habitually insult their readers, they might try accurate and balanced reporting.  Who knows?  Being an honest news broker might rescue the dying daily.  But would they try responsible reporting if it meant they could continue?  Not a chance.

Like the unions, the Arizona Republic would rather die in the throes of diminished readership and influence while pushing its leftist stance, than provide fact-based reporting minus the agenda.

5 Responses to The spin and the truth

  1. Jana Simmons says:

    We are so grateful to this site for calling out the deceptive practices of the Arizona Republic. It is a sham of a newspaper. The one good thing that we have noticed over the past few years is that an endorsement from them no longer carries weight. In fact, it is as good as a swift kick. It appears that among a growing number of voters, the endorsement is a reason NOT to support the candidate.

  2. Sideliner says:

    That unions would rather close down businesses and destroy the jobs of all of their members has always amazed me. No one wins. That’s the Dems for you!

  3. Ray says:

    The newspaper wants nothing more than to see Sheriff Arpaio out of office. It won’t happen. He remains popular and his law enforcement eforts are also highly regarded by those who believe laws mean something. Although it is galling, it is also pretty funny that the Basha store closures are tied to Joe Arpaio. If he was sheriff 65 years ago, they would have blamed the bombing of Hiroshima on him!!

  4. Doug Johnson says:

    Didn’t you know it was actually Joe Arpaio who handed Eve the apple in the Garden of Eden? In the Bible according to the Republic’s holy prophets Linda Valdez and Daniel Gonzalez, I’m sure it’s it their version of Genesis.

  5. sherriaz says:

    Ludicrous is the best description for another left wing report by the Rag. Instead of pointing out the fact that illegals are taking jobs away from citizens and should never have been hired in the first place, the Rag chooses to focus instead on the loss of employment by these people and the subsequent impact on small businesses dependent upon them!

    Perhaps the public would be better served by investigative reporting which uncovered jobs held by illegals which could be opened to, oh I don’t know, AMERICAN CITIZENS upon the deportation of people here illegally. Or here’s another wild idea: how about reporting on businesses that do not depend on illegal labor or customers who could use some free advertising to help their declining fortunes?

    I suppose that would be pushing the envelope for the Rag.