Former Gov. Fife Symington declares Brewer deserves to lose

In a stunning interview exposing the growing rift within the Arizona Republican Party, former Republican Gov. Fife Symington tells the Arizona Guardian that Gov. Jan Brewer has damaged herself politically and should be challenged in next year’s GOP primary election.

Symington believes Brewer abandoned Republican principals of less government and lower taxes by vetoing a GOP-authored budget last month because the Legislature didn’t refer her 1-cent sales tax increase to the ballot.

The article reports that Symington thinks Brewer is damaged goods, politically, and doubts she can be re-elected.

“Why have a Republican party and elect them to office if we’re going to do what Democrats do and raise taxes?” Symington asked.

Chuck Coughlin, a top Brewer advisor, who served as Symington’s former deputy chief of staff and also ran Symington’s 1994 re-election campaign, says his former boss is flat wrong. “He’s still stuck in that 1994 way of thinking about the world,” he said.

It sounds as though serious Trouble is Brewering in Paradise.


7 Responses to Former Gov. Fife Symington declares Brewer deserves to lose

  1. Evelyn says:

    What an inane comment from Coughlin. Raising taxes is the “new modern way?” Brewer’s work for solid conservative principles in our elected representation began a serious nose dive the day she hired Chuck Coughlin.

    We miss you already Gov. Brewer.

  2. Villanova says:

    How much longer before some qualified GOP hopefuls throw their hats in the gubernatorial ring? The time is ripe.

  3. Capt. Marvel says:

    State Treasurer Dean Martin should be returning from his DC trip any time now.

  4. Gary says:

    Fife was a good governor, himself. He’s gotten a little to close to the McCain factions for my taste, but I’d vote for him if he ran — IF he forswore that problematic association.

  5. Richard Wayne says:

    Unfortunately, Fife was tainted with the Gullett family, both of whom served as Chief of Staff at one time or another for the John, as well as Chuck Cheesy. Hopefully, Fife has been embarassed enough with the liberal machinations of his former associates. He set the fiscal conservative model for Republican governors once, I believe that he could reinstall those conservative principles in 2010.

    As to Chuck Cheesy, almost any model is better than the one he is now selling – it makes a Ford Falcon or an AMC Gremlin. Of course, we know that he is bought and paid for by his customers who would benefit from an increase in taxes.

  6. Richard Wayne says:

    Sorry – I didn’t finish the sentence. Chuck Cheesy’s concoction would make an AMC Gremlin look good in comparison.

  7. Doc says:

    I agree with Gary. Provided he swears off any relationship with McCamnesty,He’d get my vote in a New York SECOND!

    As for McCain, I’ve just got one thing to say:

    Just check it out. I’m VERY interested to see what MY fellow Pachyderms think of this man…who’s running a grass roots campaign against McCain.