Using the pretty brown-eyed girl

In another heartstrings-tugger intended to obscure the facts and hammer Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Republic re-introduces us to Katherine Figueroa, a pretty 9-year-old whose illegal alien parents were arrested in a car wash workplace raid.

“The sheriff got them working,” she said, through tears. “They weren’t doing anything. They were just working.” She pointed to another trailer down the row where she lived, where another family was similarly separated by the criminal acts of the parents. Katherine said, “The sheriff did the same thing” [to them].

Reporter Richard Ruelas and his newspaper know the facts are quite different than the little girl who is personally affected by the arrest of her parents — parents who unfortunately for her are criminals using the social security numbers of others. Both have been charged with felony forgery.

Katherine speaks with them on the phone. She also corresponds by mail. Her mother wrote her a four-page letter written in Spanish in which she deceptively told her daughter, “We are not here because we did anything wrong.”

Katherine had to wait to visit her parents since her illegal alien relatives were unable to take her due to the fact that the jail doesn’t allow people in the country illegally to visit inmates. Eventually a family friend was recruited.

Katherine’s father Carlos is described in the article as saying he “didn’t come here for the money. “I came here for a dream – to realize a dream for my daughter.” Carlos has purchased land in Mexico, where he plans to build a home.

Ruelas writes that prosecutors offered to reduce his jail time if he testified that the owners of the car wash knowingly hired illegal aliens. But he won’t do that. “I can’t tell a lie,” he said. Apparently neither Ruelas nor Carlos are aware that using forged or stolen documents is both a crime and a lie, but such facts would complicate the improbable fairy tale.

The pastor at the church they attend has warned parishioners about immigration sweeps. He complicitly advised his flock to stay silent if questioned by police or deputies about their legal status.

“My parents were scared. So was I,” she said. “Just like I was born over there and not here. I was scared of the sheriff, too.”

Young Katherine is is also being used by other amnesty activists. They videotaped her on the day of the arrests and put it on YouTube. In the video, she tearfully pleads with President Obama to change immigration laws and help her parents.

7 Responses to Using the pretty brown-eyed girl

  1. Kent says:

    Anyone with a history of reading Ruelas and the other writers and editorialists for the Repulsive know the drill.
    1. Beat up on the Sheriff.
    2. Illegals are all blameless, good people, hardworking, industrious and mistreated by Republicans and the Sheriff.
    3. The Sheriff, who repeatedly wins his elections by a landslide, is evil, unfeeling, and needs to go.

    You get it? No matter what they write, it’s really all about the Sheriff.

  2. Keen Observer says:

    Aren’t we proud of that ‘helpful’ pastor? It would be so refreshing if they would advise these families that 1)identity theft, particularly stealing SS numbers of children, is an egregious sin and 2)if families wish to stay united they should avoid committing crimes in the U.S. by remaining ‘united’
    in their home countries.

  3. Charlie Conservative says:

    My friends have a dog in this fight; their identity was stolen 3 years ago. They run their business out of their home, so both the family and business were effected. A complete nightmare. It took them almost 2 years and thousands of dollars to get their credit restored.

  4. Alice says:

    Yes, K.O., and why is it no one (especially pastors) ever mention the sin of taking cuts in the immigration line, a sin against their own countrymen who are waiting patiently in line at home?

  5. Kate says:

    Some thoughts: Why should we be concerned about family unity (and pay for it), when the illegal immigrants are responsible for the behavior that causes the family break up in the first place?
    One obvious solution is that they keep their families together in their home countries and sacrifice to make those governments more just. Many of them appear to be at the same point that our founding fathers and mothers found themselves in over 230 years ago.

  6. East Valleyite says:

    Another aspect of illegal immigration that misses getting coverage when the newspaper writes about the importance of “keeping families together” (now that they can’t claim we need workers since Americans are desperate for jobs) is WHICH families? Many of the men coming up from Mexico and Central America have left their wives and children at home as they presumably come here to gain employment and send money back.

    The dirty little secret is that many of them start new families while they are here. This is a sad set of circumstances, that goes unreported, but is the cause for heartache among Mexican wives and children. After a while, the Mexican family stops hearing from Dad, who is busy putting his energies towards his new family. The family left behind suffers the loss of a father and husband as well as the promise of financial respite. I work within a faith-based community that sees far too many of these cases.

    Where are the news reports dealing with this crisis? How about THIS story, Mr. Ruelas, Ms Valdez?

  7. […] new ways to extend “undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship” was saying deportation “broke up families.” Previous to that was we needed the laborers to do the work “that Americans refuse to do.” […]