Daniel Gonzales invents yet another amnesty angle

Today the daily tells us the same story from yet another slant. In the spirit of raw gamesmanship, they win a point for clever inventiveness. The most recent installment in their ongoing series of configuring new ways to extend “undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship” was saying deportation “broke up families.” Previous to that was we needed the laborers to do the work “that Americans refuse to do.” With businesses closing and more citizens out of work, and gripped by the real fear of losing their homes, that argument doesn’t fly.

The latest tactic in their legalization of illegal aliens bag of tricks jumps out from Page One (where else?) with the headline Illegal populace in Arizona falls by a third, study says.

The concept at play here is that the economic downturn has caused so many illegals to leave, that there is no need to implement any further constraints on such a dwindling population. Reporter Daniel Gonzales even throws a bone to stricter enforcement polices, writing that such measures have succeeded. 

Now, back off, stop the enforcement, implementation of employer sanctions and let’s give these few remaining “migrants” amnesty, is his unwritten comand.

A recent Chicago Tribune article reported that liberal advocates of advancing a path to citizenship are proposing that Congress legalize millions of mostly uneducated illegal workers now in exchange for reducing the number of temporary foreign workers allowed to enter the U.S.  in the future — presumably through the front door, with educational credentials and technical skills.

The idea borders on the outrageous.

Gonzales blames the closing of three Basha’s Food City markets on the Hispanic population decline, oddly neglecting to mention that the locally owned, 77-year-old-chain has closed ten stores — in addition to than those catering to this specific population. Unscrupulous tactics by the thuggish United Food & Commercial Workers Union have cost the company millions in legal fees, damage control and lost business.

Watch for Congressman Jeff Flakes’ buddy Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and other Congressional Hispanic Caucus members to pressure Obama to get the amnesty train rolling. “We’re saying, ‘OK, you took time out for stem-cell research and you’re taking time out for health care,” Gutierrez said. “And our communities expect you to take time out for our issues.”

Democrats don’t want to risk alienating their Latino support base, although the administration is said to prefer waiting until 2011 as it gears up for reelection.

Ah, but we digress. The next installment of the Gonzales tirade will most certainly focus on Sheriff Arpaio.  That’s the routine.  You know the drill by now.

5 Responses to Daniel Gonzales invents yet another amnesty angle

  1. gopgal says:

    Just read the outrageous news from AP concerning the large amount of money going to LaRaza to purchase homes for Hispanics in Phoenix (see article below). Since when does one group of people get a special advantage from taxpayer dollars that are ostensible designated as stimulus/bailout money? Wouldn’t there be a hue and cry if only white people got this special favor? This is beyond belief! We have bailed out Citi several times now, as I recall, and this is the way they are using millions of our dollars?

    There should be an investigation of this egregious use of taxpayer money because it so selectively helps just one group when there are many Americans who might appreciate a new home provided to them and may be just as poor or disadvantaged as the Hispanics. And that such a blatantly racist group as LaRaza would be managing the funds goes beyond the pale!

    And the question is, will these homes be provided to any Hispanic or to American citizen Hispanics? We are already footing the bills for illegals’ children to be educated, healthcare for illegals, criminal costs from illegals, etc., etc. We suspect they are getting welfare and other social benefits what with the blatant identity theft and forged identity documents they use. A fine new house would just be icing on that cake, wouldn’t it?

  2. […] Hey, not so fast Daniel! They’re coming in as fast as you say they’re leaving It didn’t take long for the facts to expose the underlying misinformation and distortions in reporter Daniel Gonzales’ front page attempt to configure a decline Arizona’s illegal population. […]

  3. sherriaz says:

    It is patently absurd to reward Hispanics with low cost homes when illegals played a huge role in the mortgage meltdown due to fraudulent loan docs. When the illegals couldn’t pay, they took off. Now we are going to reward them in exchange for fraudulent votes.
    Make no mistake, loans will again be made to illegals-there will be no checking into credentials as there would be for any other race. They will default again and further damage the neighborhoods (can SW Phoenix be made worse?)

    Loans made based on race is only the tip of the iceberg with racist groups like La Raza. They will not be happy until their birthrate puts them into majority status in this country and they can turn this country into Mexico.

  4. Ricky Lujan says:

    Thank you Seeing Red AZ for seeing all this talk about decreasing illegal alien population for what is. Bologna!

    Successful ballot measures and smart legislation has made life a little more uncomfortable for illegal aliens in Arizona but, not nearly as uncomfortable as “back home.”

    Illegals are still coming by the hundreds every day. They are still procreating here. The numbers of illegal aliens in America is growing wildly, not shrinking.

  5. Sam says:

    What do you mean “Democrats don’t want to risk alienating their Latino support base?” Don’t you intend to say that these are their base of VOTERS — absolutely legal or not. The entire premise of the article in the Arizona Republic is absurd. The paper is on an amnesty for illegals mission, which is why we no longer subscribe. Ronald Reagan granted what was to be a one time ONLY amnesty for 3 million illegals. You see what that became? He was quoted as saying that act was a regrettable mistake.

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