Hey, not so fast Daniel! They’re coming in as fast as you say they’re leaving

It didn’t take long for the facts to expose the underlying misinformation and distortions in reporter Daniel Gonzales’ front page attempt to configure a decline Arizona’s illegal population.

KSAZ FOX 10 News filed this report within hours of  the Arizona Republic’s attempt to convince us that illegals are leaving in record numbers.  We just covered it in our previous post.

A traffic stop for faulty equipment has led to the discovery of nearly 100 undocumented immigrants stuffed inside a refrigerated commercial trailer. A search of the fruit transport trailer revealed 97 illegals from Mexico and Guatemala including adults and children in near freezing conditions of 34 degrees.

 The driver was taken into custody for a misdemeanor warrant.

“This is yet another frightening example of the callous disregard human smugglers have for those who entrust their lives to them,” said the special agent in charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”These people were treated like cargo.”

He neglected to mention that the adults were all co-conspirators with their transporting “coyotes,” who are paid handsomely for bringing them into the United States in violation of the law. Sending them home is not punishment.

And why is the driver only charged with a single misdemeanor?

7 Responses to Hey, not so fast Daniel! They’re coming in as fast as you say they’re leaving

  1. sherriaz says:

    I don’t believe the stories that hundreds of thousands have left. Check out who is receiving most of the free summer breakfasts and lunches and who ends up with most of the donated back to school items and it will be clear that the majority of illegals and their families are riding out the recession on the largesse of American taxpayers.

    Meanwhile, while the unemployment ranks swell and people who do find jobs are stuck with part time and low pay, our government refuses to do anything meaningful to stop the border crossings. Don’t think for a minute that the illegals aren’t getting jobs somewhere- they are being sent money in many cases by relatives illegally employed by companies who will hire their family members.

    When’s the hammer coming down on the employers, eh Janet?

  2. Sgt. Preston says:

    The timing of this discovery of 97 illegals could not have be more appropriate to expose the foolishness of Gonzales’ fantasy reporting. Glad you stay on top of this! We’d never get this truth from the Amnesty-minded Republic.

  3. Maggie says:

    There is obviously no punishment for breaking and entering. What a shame. What is the disincentive to repeat the crime — over and over again?

  4. John Q. Public says:

    A misdemeanor? That’s tantamount to a slap on the wrist for invading our country. What is the matter with our elected representatives and law enforcement? Do our boundaries have no meaning? What makes a sovereign nation if not defensible borders? Why do nations have armies if not for protection of their lands and people? We are sitting ducks for any international thugs and terrorists that might decide to use a Mexican coyote to transport them into the states. A few thousand dollars should allow anyone with a “mission” to gain access. Is there no one who is watching the store?

  5. Doc says:

    But…But…BUTT…Napolitano said it WASN’T “a crime per se…”

    Ergo, if the secretary of homeland security says it’s not a crime, then why should they stop coming? It’s not like they’re breaking the law or anything, right?

    Gonzales is not much of a reporter…& the rag is…well…a rag.

  6. Night Owl says:

    Unfortunately Doc is right on the money. There is a tremendous sadness that comes with losing my country and feeling powerless to stop it.

  7. Doug Johnson says:

    Did anyone notice that today’s Repulsive had this article on the BACK page of the SECOND SECTION?? Would this qualify as a surpression of the news that doesn’t appeal to them?

    The bogus Gonzales article about illegals leaving for their native Mexico and Central American countries got full play on the first page yesterday.

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