What a surprise — another federal program is screeching to a halt

“Cash for Clunkers,“ another new federally administered program, siphoning $1 billion taxpayer dollars to implement, has run out of gas in less than a week.

 Purchasers got up to $4,500 for older model, low mileage vehicles when buying a new car with more efficient fuel consumption.

According to a report on New York’s HD TV2, car salesman Rob Beloff said, “People are loving it. It’s wonderful. It’s a great stimulus package.”

But when asked if the government was running the program well, Beloff said, “No. No,” adding,“If they can’t administer a program like this, I’d be a little concerned about my health insurance.”

Good observation, Rob.

3 Responses to What a surprise — another federal program is screeching to a halt

  1. Cassandra says:

    It’s only our money. Barry Obama doesn’t worry about such trivialities. In fact, He’s going to re-ignite and expand the program.

  2. sherriaz says:

    Evidently they are extending it since it is “working so well”. Unfortunately it is working for people who;
    a. have jobs and b. already have transportation. For the unemployed and those who have lost everything to the recession, there’s the usual goose egg. Similar to the credit given to people in AZ who bought propane powered vehicles and took the taxpayers for a ride, this program is doing the same.

    This money would have been better spent assisting small businesses so that more jobs could be created.

  3. Ralph - AZ says:

    This is not a government program that is successful….it is more money that all of us taxpayers will be contributing to help our neighbors drive new cars….in all actuality this is child abuse…..as it is $3billion dollars in money the government does not have and will borrow to create or perpetuate another socialist program….the land of utopia. When are the citizens gonna wake up and realize the government doesn’t “create” a damn thing and any “program” is really a tax bill that will eventually fall on our children who can’t vote against it!!!