Open borders proponents come clean: The immigration policy they want is none at all

In a My Turn column riddled with half-truths, outright falsehoods and absurdities, open borders proponents Alfredo Gutierrez and Salvador Reza, feebly attempt to convince readers of the daily that enforcement of the federal law 287(g) is racist. 

And if that doesn’t work, the duo, which proudly claims an alliance with the notorious criminal enterprise known as ACORN, strives to persuade that enforceable borders are not the right of a sovereign nation.

To make their convoluted points, they not only go after the daily’s favorite subject to malign — Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio — but have former Gov. Janet Napolitano, the uber-liberal Democrat now Barack Obama’s Homeland INsecurity chief, in their sights. They implore her to show her credentials by terminating what they refer to as “archaic policies that have plagued immigration reform for so long.” Tossing around words such as “dragnets,” “scapegoat the poor.” and their favorite descriptive term, “harassing people of color,” they recount that such people are “forced to take life-threatening risks [presumably paying coyote transporters to sneak them in] because there is no reasonable path to achieving legal residency in the U.S.”

It might come as a shock to Gutierrez and Reza, but the United States of America actually has a legal front door process to gain citizenship that does not include the unlawful component of criminally trespassing into our country in violation of our sovereignty.

Surprisingly, they even write about “integrating immigrant populations into American life.”  Would that include doing away with Radio Campesina Network where Gutierrez hosts a daily radio talk show and his own Spanish language advocacy firm?  Will Reza cease organizing illegal day laborers and protests which hinder decades-old, family-owned local businesses? Could we soon expect to stop hearing “Press 2” for Spanish?

Seeing Red AZ is happy to provide this complimentary glossary to assist you in reading this absurd convolution of truth.

5 Responses to Open borders proponents come clean: The immigration policy they want is none at all

  1. Kent says:

    These two are part and parcel of the problem. They give aid and comfort to illegals at every bend of the road.

  2. Calypso says:

    Interesting that they speak about “integrating” Mexican nationals. This is actually the first group of immigrants who have an ulterior motive, with many believing that the American Southwest is their land, subject to reconquering or Reconquista and they have no need to acclimate and become Americanized. They continue to speak Spanish and have formed Barrios in many Phoenix neighborhoods. Where is this acclimation they talk about?

  3. Doug Johnson says:

    Reza’s Macehualli Work Center in northeast Phoenix has created a haven for illegal laborers while destroying the surrounding neighborhood. Reza also did whatever he could on an ongoing basis to harm the family owned M.D. Pruitt’s Home Furnishing Store, holding demonstrations weekend after weekend in the parking lot and driving customers away. He engages in thuggery while Gutierrez makes a more mainstream appearance, but they are both race baiters. As a longtime Arizonan, I wouldn’t give you a plug nickel for either of them.

  4. Capt. Marvel says:

    Although our immigration policies are the most lenient and accessible in the industrialized world, we cannot accept everyone on the planet for American citizenship.
    Watch this fascinating video:

  5. sherriaz says:

    What a joke! Illegals want NOTHING to do with American culture and now expect that their needs will be met by Hispanic specialty stores, bilingual signs and personnel departments and Spanish versions of just about everything. They are creating their own neighborhoods complete with gangs. They have taken to the streets demanding rights to which they are not entitled, displayed the Mexican flag everywhere and proved time and again that they are here for the money. Their handlers, like Rezas and Gutierrez, are looking for power, pure and simple. They are appalled that their movement has stalled, badly, thanks to the recession and they are getting little sympathy these days.

    The premise that illegals are required for business to go on in this country flies in the face of the reality of Americans working at any available job in order to keep their homes and put food on the table. (link:,2933,538441,00.html?test=latestnews)

    We not only do not WANT illegals here, we do not NEED them here. Estimates now place employment recovery to 2007 levels in Arizona at 2014, one of the worst estimates in the country. Most states won’t see a return to 2007 levels of hiring until at least 2012 or 2013. Meanwhile, La Raza reps are complaining that “immigrants” are being shut out of jobs (yes, that they TOOK from Americans). At this rate, we won’t need ANY immigration for a good 10 years.

    Farming can be mechanized- as it should have been long ago- and the need for manual labor reduced. Study after study has shown that raising wages for farm labor adds an insignifcant amount to the cost of produce. Raise the wages and Americans will again do the work.

    What DO we need? For every illegal to pack his/her bags and return home with family members in tow. We can’t afford them, don’t need them and the tide is turning against them.