The joke known as U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick

Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (CD-1) begins a Townhall meeting with  constituents in Holbrook, Arizona, and then walks out within minutes after one of the attendees suggested a question and answer session. A man in the crowd reminded her, “You’re our employee!”

Her abrupt exit was cheered, along with the shout, “Don’t come back!”

7 Responses to The joke known as U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick

  1. Villanova says:

    This is an excellent video primer on how not to win friends and influence people. With this attitude, Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick has earned the right to lose her next election.

    Sydney Hay, please give it one more try. The voters realize they have made a colossal mistake.

  2. Margaret Sullivan says:

    Apparently Ann Kirkpatrick has forgotten that the word “Representative” is before her name. That means she represents the people she chose to walk out on.

  3. Doc says:

    It might suprise many of us, how many voters still don’t believe they made a voting error. But to me, our legislators constantly do the “flip” thing.

    Congresswoman Kirkpatrick has sent me (a registered Republican…)2 letters since taking office. Both have to do with 2A issues. But she still hasn’t answered the original letter I sent her, on both e-mail & snail-mail. It had to do with Pelosi’s actions in Congress, & I wanted to know what, as OUR REPRESENTATIVE, she was going to do regarding the situation. I made a couple of suggestions, which weren’t “smart assed” in nature. They were legetimate. I still haven’t gotten a response to my letter on that topic.

    While I personally appreciate her responses to the 2A issue, the fact that she has totaly avoided the topic I asked her about in the 1st place is thought provoking. The man in the crowd in Holbrook is absolutely correct. It seems to me that EVERY ONE OF OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS has forgotten this simple fact…They work for US!

  4. Hometown Guy says:

    I watched this video through three times and each time was more shocked than I thought I was after the previous viewing. What raw arrogance from a woman who campaigned to represent the people of her district. By walking out on them, she gave them all the one finger salute. They should return the favor. I don’t live in her district, but know several people who do. I have already sent them this link. I would advise anyone with contacts in Congressional District One to do the same. Click on the headline of this article and then press the send as email button. It works fine.

  5. sherriaz says:

    Another Dem to remove come the 2010 election.

  6. Vince says:

    Old timers will remember Democrat Karan English who served but one congressional term in that same northern AZ area — the districts were somewhat different due to redistricting. Ditto Sam Coppersmith in Phoenix. He was unable to hold onto his seat, also. Both English and Coppersmith were too liberal for the districts they served. I predict the same implosion for Ann Kirkpatrick.

  7. Mitch says:

    Did the escape vehicle she left in have California licence plates??? Is someone trying to avoid paying AZ taxes? That should explain something…they’re not like the rest of us.