Obama in Phoenix: Playing the story to suit the slant

This morning’s headlined story, featuring four photos and taking up the bulk of Page One, is the Republic’s version of Obamarama.  The headline, Obama wins over gathering of vets, sits atop a large photo of veterans at the VFW Convention where he had just spoken, “pressing close to shake his hand.” Rock- star-like, he had also been signing autographs — before skipping out of town an hour earlier than planned. One of the numerous articles reports President Obama’s promises to protect the veteran’s health benefits drew the loudest applause.

Watch this video of his speech at the Phoenix Convention Center yesterday where he addressed the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars, estimated to be 12,000 attendees. Listen for the thunderous applause reported by the daily newspaper, and then make up your own mind. 

Demonstrators — pro and con — outside the convention were said to number at least 2000.

6 Responses to Obama in Phoenix: Playing the story to suit the slant

  1. Carl in LD19 says:

    Anyone paying attention to “The Ones” news coverage locally or nationally have got to notice the media cheering section for O-zero. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such media automatrons before. No critical questioning, no logical thinking, nothing. I am not a conspiracy nut but it sure appears to be an orchestrated propaganda effort to get the American people to accept socialism and learn to like it. I am not amused.

  2. Kate says:

    Carl, we can only hope the slumbering American voters who got caught up in the Obamessiah (great moniker, SRAZ)”Yes we can!” mantra, are waking up in time to stop this freight train.
    BUT, will we ever have another honest election with his well-funded community organizers (ACORN)out there cheating their way through the 2010 election?

  3. Flying V says:

    I listened to this entire speech. It was painful, but I listened for the applause. It was weak as water, except when the vets were assured (can you believe anything this Marxist liar says?)their benefits would remain untouched!! YIPEE!!! Everyone else can be put under a government run rationed care vs. potential outcome plan and that suits them fine. YEA!!!!

  4. Chuck says:

    Typical of the AZ Republic. No surprise here.

  5. sherriaz says:

    I heard some of the audience reaction on Mike Broomhead’s show this morning and is was underwhelming. There was also a nice counterpoint of BHO’s remarks to ASU grads about how America had become a superpower thanks to the Marshall Plan and the Peace Corps as much as the military, and then the remarks to the Vets that the same result was all DUE to the military. Different audiences, different messages and hoping that people have selective memories.

    BHO hates the military and the vets know it. I think they are pretty clear on the fact that he dislikes the U.S. as well. Hopefully the rest of America is waking up to this fact.

  6. Kimball says:

    The newspaper has its nose so far up BHO’s backside that they can neither see nor hear.