The Arizona Republic views the Second Amendment as an “embarrassment”


In an absurd editorial demeaning those who are legally permitted to carry firearms as “Yankee Doodle zealots,” the daily opines Arizona citizens should keep their guns at home.

Swell. That’s their expected anti-Constitutional view.

Editorialists Linda Valdez and Phil Boas succumb to their leftist proclivities by calling supporters of the Second Amendment “attention-starved exhibitionists,” “wannabe Patrick Henrys,” “lazy,” and “thugs.” As journalists, they should have a better command of the English language.

Bet’cha they don’t care for the people speaking their minds at the Town Hall meetings around the country, either.  The First Amendment is every bit as galling to these liberals as the Second.

11 Responses to The Arizona Republic views the Second Amendment as an “embarrassment”

  1. Doc says:

    Hopefully, this cat box liner will cease soon enuff. They fail to understand that we retain possession of the 1st Ammendment, because we adhere to the 2nd.

    And, to add to their grand ability to make themselves look like fools, they disrespect Patrick Henry?

    Uuuuuhhhh…..o.k…..whatever. Don’t let these wak-jobs get us upset. They’re not worth our time.

  2. American Dad says:

    Can you imagine how our Founding Fathers would regard this editorial? I find the Arizona Republic to be the true embarrassment. As a stong First Amendment supporter, I am sorry to say that the newspaper has earned its current crisis. We no longer subscribe, but if we did, this outragous editorial would have been the last straw!

  3. Army of One says:

    That this garbage passes for an editorial in the state’s largest newspaper (what’s left of this shrinking rag)is a clear example of liberalism gone mad. Reasonable Democrats must be ashamed.

  4. Frank Gray says:

    Amazing that The AZ Republic has a full fledged leftist platform.

    They are entirely fine with the crime of sneaking into our country. But, law abiding American citizens celebrating their own liberty…well, we just can’t have that!

  5. Capitol Watcher says:

    I’ve heard Phil Boas is Sheriff Arpaio’s son-in-law. Is this truth or an urban legend?

  6. Rick says:

    These leftist secular progressives are so blinded by their idiology, i.e., “idiotology” that they can not see the grassroots support of the second amendment. They call names to the real patriots of this country who want to return to constitutional government. Then they wonder why their newspaper is going down the toilet in subscriptions.

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  8. Jim G says:

    Why do liberals impune law abiding Americans and embrace criminals, dictators and devients of all types? Simple; liberalism is at best a mental disorder. These idiots will get us killed.

  9. Rick says:

    Some psychiatrists have labeled the progressive ideology as a “religion,” whose adherents are totally blind to any other set of beliefs. This is why they are against Christianity, conservatism, & moralism, which they are trying to eliminate from the public sector as it shines light on their “religion.”

    As a much higher percentage of Republicans support the latter, they have began in the 80s with the establishment of Acorn and a plethora of other leftist organisms to eventually exterminate Republicanism out of existence, which they have done through liberal education, massive voter fraud, lies, deceit, etc. This they arrogantly think they have now done with the presidency and both houses of congress in the Democrat pasture. This explains why they are now so bold in their attempt to replace capitalism with marxism. Make no mistake. Obama and most of his appointees are former adherents of far leftist ideologies. Socialism leading to a one world government is their ultimate goal.

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