Was gun toter at Obama rally a black supremist? Not a chance!

An unexpected twist on the usual rant.

The original photograph of Christopher Broughton, receiving wide circulation, was a rear shot, concealing his face and hands. In this video Broughton says he is exercising his rights as an American in Arizona, a state where open carry is legal.

The daily reports that Broughton said during the rally several people told him that he should be supporting Obama because he is Black. He called the idea preposterous. “I am an American. The color of my skin shouldn’t even matter.”

Bravo, Mr. Broughton.

3 Responses to Was gun toter at Obama rally a black supremist? Not a chance!

  1. sherriaz says:

    Supporting a candidate because of their skin color is supposed to be what America has moved away from, correct? Yet too many blacks voted for and continue to support BHO simply because he is black. They are totally unable to get beyond the race card. Had a white person been told to support Bush because he was white, the MSM would have been all over it.

    BHO is moving towards eclipsing Jimmy Carter as the worst president of the modern era. Won’t it be ironic to be remembered not as the first black president so much as being the worst president America has voted into office in the last 100 years.

  2. Doc says:

    Supporting a guy because he’s black, is the same as several Libs that I work with who have actually said that they voted for B-HO because they wanted to be a part of history…

    So you all know my 2 choices. A) slap th’ taste outta’ their mouths. or B) Ignore them. Decorum demanded that I just turn my back & walk away. I’ve got a family to feed & a motorcycle habit to support. These idjits WILL be a part of history. They will, as Sherriaz so aptly stated, be part of the crew that voted for the worst President in over a hunnert years!

  3. Jason W. says:

    Dr. King’s Dream is only realized by conservatives. We got past the color of skin a long time ago. The left always raises race and color.

    “…the content of their character.” The left just doesn’t get it. Arizona Civil Rights Initiative is on the 2010 ballot. There may be race riots by the time the left is done with their campaign against ending racial preferences.