Sen. Ted Kennedy, 1932 – 2009


Venerated as the “Lion of the Senate” by the left and his buddy John McCain, Ted Kennedy, renown for serious drinking problems and womanizing, was most notorious for having abandoned the inconvenient young campaign staffer Mary Jo Kopechne — still alive — in his car, which he had driven off a bridge leaving a party on Chappaquiddick Island. It sank and she drowned while he ran for cover until he sobered up and concocted a story.  He lived 40 years longer.

ABC News engages in a whitewash report here.


3 Responses to Sen. Ted Kennedy, 1932 – 2009

  1. Realist says:

    Look for the Obama-maniacs push to rename the healthcare bill in honor of Ted Kennedy. I agree! It would be most fitting to rename the bill after the very compssionate & caring Senator. I have a suggestion:


  2. sherriaz says:

    I agree with Realist- the body probably wasn’t even cold before the Chicago thugs starting thinking of ways to use the mans death for their own gain. Of course, from accounts of how Ted Kennedy did political business, he’d probably approve.

  3. Kent says:

    A far more appropirate photo as a summation of the man would have been the mone of him wearing a neck brace for sympathy as he and his the-wife Joan showed up for the incquest the morning after he abandoned the young woman to drown in his car in the Chappaquiddick River after he rescued himself, returned home and freshened up.