The demise of the Arizona Club: More hard evidence that the economy is tanking

After 115 years as the place where Arizona’s deals were made and movers and shakers conferred, dined and partied, the Arizona Club has fallen on hard times.

For many Valley business elite and politicos, major deals were hammered out in the private club. Harry Rosenzweig — the Arizona entrepreneur, boyhood friend of Barry Goldwater, longtime chairman of the Arizona Republican Party and political kingmaker — even had his own reserved table.

This is the report in the daily’s Business section.

5 Responses to The demise of the Arizona Club: More hard evidence that the economy is tanking

  1. MacBeth says:

    This might not have been the comfy home away from home for the vast majority of Phoenicians, but what a shame to have a place with so much history fail. It wasn’t all that long ago that El Charro Lodge closed its doors, too. Another local grande dame to bite the dust. We’ll be left with a Valley full of Starbucks.

  2. Capitol Watcher says:

    This is a very sad event. An important part of Arizona history will be lost to time and the Obama economy. The Arizona Club survived the Great Depression, but not this administration’s manipulation of our freedoms; both social and economic.

    U.S. Senators and Congressmen, judges and justices, local politicians of every stripe, the Phoenix Forty, the visonaries and architects of the Arizona we know today, all showed up at the Arizona Club throughout the decades, either on their own membership, or as guests. It has been THE place for over a hundred years.

    There was even a Sandra O’Conner item on the luncheon menu, said to be her favorite, made with scrambled eggs.

  3. Villanova says:

    Good assessment, CW. For the Arizona Club to be signing off, or considering reconfiguring itself, is a worse sign of the times than many realize.

    I believe the menu item you are referring to was called Joe’s Special.

  4. sherriaz says:

    News items like this indicate the depth of this recession and fly in the face of the manipulated information coming out of the White House and MSM. This recession is no where close to being over despite the stock market manipulations and the BHO press releases.

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