The big Q on the queue

The daily has a front-page article detailing the 500 groups they claim signed onto a letter to President Obama, demanding an end to the federal 287(g) program allowing local authorities to enforce the country’s immigration laws. The program gives local police and jail officials the authority to question people they arrest, or who have been booked into jails, about their immigration status.

Among the usual left-wing suspects are the National Immigration Law Center, ACLU, the Anti-Defamation League, Pax Christi, the NAACP and La Raza. They charge the program does nothing to solve the massive problems associated with illegal immigration and has led to civil-rights abuses by local police — most notably Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, with whom they have had an ongoing battle — aided and abetted by the Arizona Republic newspaper, which is on an open-borders crusade.

Even though the administration has so weakened 287(g) as to make it nearly ineffectual, the groups are angry that the program has been expanded by Obama signing agreements with 11 law-enforcement agencies.

“Local police should not be in the business of enforcing immigration laws because it terrorizes immigrant communities and causes racial profiling,” said Salvador Reza, a radical illegal alien advocate who has staged demonstrations and runs the Macehualli Work Center in Phoenix. The center is part of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, one of the groups calling for an end to the program.

But the program is indisputably effective, resulting in the identification of over 100,000 illegals nationally, including nearly 30,000 in Maricopa County.

In North Carolina, former sheriff Jim Pendergraph said jail officials there identified more than 4,000 illegal immigrants who were booked. “If it’s used right, it is a very beneficial tool, and if there is a problem with it, then fix that and don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” he said.  Pendergraph also ran the ICE office that coordinated the program with local and state agencies.

It has been so popular that Homeland Security had to reject dozens of applications due to funding shortfalls, said Rep. Lamar Smith, (R-TX), ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee and co-author of the law that created the program. “Local law-enforcement agencies deserve our thanks for helping to remove illegal immigrants from our communities before they threaten American lives and property,” he said.

So the big Question remains: Why would these groups queue up to undermine the sovereignty of the United States? And why is the orderly and legal immigration process, among the most accessible in the industrialized world, so abhorrent to them?

8 Responses to The big Q on the queue

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    I am at a loss as to explain why ANY American group would want to undermine the United States by allowing an unchecked flow of illegal immigrants to flood our country. We cannot absorb the entire world and the costs to our own nation and her people are simply too high.

  2. Steve says:

    There are obviously too many who care less about this nation that has afforded them so much, and more about skewed political causes. I wonder if they think about their own children when they act in this bizarre manner.

  3. Seen It All says:

    I’ve thought the same thing so many times. I seriously don’t understand this mindset. It’s not liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. It’s where is our loyalty!!

  4. sherriaz says:

    Clearly these people have a power agenda that goes WAY beyond concern over “civil rights” issues. ( how non citizens can have civil rights under our laws is beyond me ). The more illegals, the greater their powerbase grows: deportations hurt the growth of the Hispanic block. Within that block are people who simply want to work and are apolitical, but there are plenty of those who can be easily manipulated into racist activities such as the marches held around the country and the Reconquista movements.

    La Raza, Mecha and most of the others are racist, hoping to overtake all other racial groups through birthrates and turn this country into a Latin culture complete with Spanish as the dominant language. While there is some good news in that crackdowns in some states ( forget the Feds ) as well as the poor economy are leading to illegals heading home, there are still plenty coming here- many tied to the drug trade.

    It’s time to remove ANY politician, regardless of party, if they will not support American sovereignty and the integrity of our borders. In Arizona, it’s time for McCain, Kyl, Flake and Shadegg to go as well as all Dems who have voted in support of amnesty.

  5. Brittancus says:

    Instead of pandering to the business community, our elected politicians must execute E-Verify as permanent tool to draw illegal workers away from the workplace? It must not be voluntary to be enforced, with serious penalties for employers who disregard the law. Heavy fines should be imposed, along with asset confiscation and for hiring a large force of illegal foreign workers a lengthy prison sentence. Nobody in the workplace should be exempt from being positively identified as a Citizen or a US permanent resident. Even the longest employed worker should be checked through the system. E-Verification should be built upon, with any new innovations desired to stop jobs being stolen from those legally allowed to work.

    Many ICE raids across the nation have proved beyond doubt the extent of illegal nationals taking jobs of citizens and how expeditiously these unfilled jobs were taken back by bona-fide workers in the poultry industry. Americans in the working environment should report any illegal activity to ICE, so they can investigate. E-Verify is the only substantial program in immigration armory that must not be weakened. It is evident that it’s operational owing to the tireless assault of the ACLU, US Chamber of Commerce to silence its function in the courts. Now is the time to pressure your reluctant elected official, specifically in California. This Sanctuary Refuge for illegal aliens and their families have been overloading schools, hospitals and government welfare benefits to pacify special interest lobbyists.

    Voters should also immediately mandate installation of E-Verify nationwide in vetting the janitor to an engineer, from a sheet metal worker to an advertising executive. When the welfare state of California nearly financially collapsed, it can be partially attributed to the massive population of illegal immigrants. The time is ripe to shout aloud of the decades of inflated taxes supporting education to K-12, free medical care and considerably more which stays intentionally undisclosed to the public. MAKE A NOTE OF THIS WASHINGTON SWITCHBOARD NUMBER 202-224-3121. Like never before we need the Nation Guard to patrol the border on a permanent basis, to support the undermanned region.

    Democrats declare in the town hall meetings, that foreign nationals have–NO–access to benefits in Obama’s health care reform.
    But if a path to citizenship or AMNESTY is not–TABLED–in the coming Immigration Reform session, then one-and-all, will automatically be provided for as new citizens into the health care program. In addition we must consider the gigantic onslaught of millions more who will try to join those already here? WE CANNOT EVEN PROVIDE MEDICAL FOR OUR OWN POPULATION? I CONCUR WITH A PUBLIC OPTION-BUT NOT FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS.


  6. Jason says:

    How well you stated my thoughts! Thanks for saying it better than I probably would. Excellent!

  7. Maggie says:

    500 groups? Where is the evidence to back up such a claim? Where is a link in the AZ Repulsive article that you have linked to? The few named here are all ultra-liberal and not unexpected. I tried googling for the rest of the groups and find nothing. It is outrageous that the AZ Republic would report on such a claim without substantiating it. Another example of the grand state of journalism.

  8. Hometown Guy says:

    Good question, Maggie! Where is the substantiation? The Republic says it so it must be true? I’d like to see the list, also. The newspaper has long ago lost its credibility.