Will she or won’t she? Advisor sounds indifferent

Although she says, “I love being governor and I love campaigning,” Gov. Jan Brewer has been somewhat cagey regarding her future plans. Much of her reticence on the on the subject is understandable.  She has had other things that have occupied her time and sapped her energies since stepping onto the Ninth Floor after the departure of her predecessor, Democrat Janet Napolitano — who hightailed it off to the D.C. environs to assume the position of Homeland Security Secretary in the Obama administration.  Napolitano left a gapping hole in the budget, which Republican Brewer has tried to repair by hitching her career to a 1-cent sales tax hike.

She now says she is “leaning” toward running for a full term. But it would be a help if her advisor Chuck Coughlin sounded a bit more enthusiastic than he did in this report in the daily.

“My belief is that (Brewer’s campaign decision) hinges on whether or not she has the tools to govern,” Coughlin said, referencing the estimated $2.5 billion that would be generated over three years by the tax increase. “If Democrats are unwilling to help her, than maybe she’ll give this job back to them.”

That sounds like a stunning lack of commitment from Coughlin. The highest office in the state is a political prize that is not given over like a fumble.

8 Responses to Will she or won’t she? Advisor sounds indifferent

  1. MacBeth says:

    With friends like Coughlin does the governor need any enemies?

  2. Dist.7 PC says:

    Coughlin doesn’t “sound” indifferent. He IS indifferent.
    Gov. Brewer needs someone with more commitment to her to serve as a close advisor.

  3. Watchful1 says:

    What an odd statement from Chuck Coughlin. Is this a threat or a promise? It sounds as though he is already looking down a different road.

  4. Vince L. says:

    The comment from Coughlin sounds like his threat to Brewer to get the tax increase done. Very strange.

    Almost as strange as Brewer running for Governor after angering every Republican in the legislature. Those are a lot of Legislative Districts who would not be voting for Brewer.

  5. Night Owl says:

    It sounds to me like ‘Chuck the trusted advisor’ might be thinking of bedding down with another candidate.

  6. DeAnn says:

    And she still listens to this guy. His advice is ruining her political career.

  7. Ron says:

    The word “lukewarm” comes to mind. If this is the best he can do in “advising” the Republican governor for whom he works, it is past time for him to move on.

    Were his words “maybe she’ll give this job back to them” intended to fighten the Democrats? I’m a Republican and they frighten ME. It sounds as though he longs for the days of endless Democrat vetoes, pro-abortion and illegal immigration lovefests and stacking the courts with liberal judicial appointments.

    I don’t!!

  8. Joe Evans says:

    I have a suggestion for a better headine on this post. Replace the word “sounds” with “IS.” Gov. Brewer has held many elective offices in her career and knows the state and its system as good or better than anyone. She should use her own sound judgement and lose this loser.