Shooting holes in the Republic’s gun skew

Newspaper decries Arizona’s “image problem”

The daily is at it again. Today’s Page One, above-the-fold article, features a 3-column by 9-inch photo of a gun carried by Phoenix resident Christopher Broughton. A conservative proponent of Second Amendment rights, Broughton is concealed in the much-used, cropped photograph depicting him from a back view, showing just his gun and shirt. Nowhere in the article is it revealed that he is black and does not support Barack Obama.  Such facts wouldn’t fit the configuration of the article.

President Obama was attending the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Phoenix on August 17, when the incident in which Broughton was one of several exercising his constitutional rights took place.

Instead, the left-leaning newspaper focuses on a denunciation from “world-renowned travel writer” and “travel icon,” Arthur Frommer, 80, who says he’ll boycott Arizona because he fears for his personal safety after reading accounts of protesters carrying weapons on the streets of Phoenix.  Frommer, who sold his company 32 years ago, told NPR he was disturbed that police officers stood around “like scared rabbits” while armed protesters tried to “threaten” and “intimidate” Obama supporters.

Interesting assessment from a man who was not here and doesn’t intend to travel to Arizona. The article also omitted the fact that octogenarian Frommer has been a lifelong liberal who has donated to Democrats and the DNC for decades and was a high-dollar Obama supporter.

Although the newspaper refers to our laws as “lax,” Arizona joins the majority of states in allowing for open carry of firearms. There are also laws allowing for concealed carry for licensed owners who have taken the requisite classes.

Last year, Forbes magazine listed Phoenix among America’s 15 most dangerous metropolitan areas, no doubt due to the fact that Arizona is the most traveled portal for illegal aliens gaining entry through our southern border.

“Every time we loosen gun laws to make it easier for citizens to carry guns in Arizona, we see a drop in the crime rate,” said Tucson resident Todd Rathner, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association. “These people have to get over the emotional, ignorant and insane reaction to law-abiding citizens with firearms.”

4 Responses to Shooting holes in the Republic’s gun skew

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    The one with the “image problem” is the AZ Repulsive newspaper. I just heard that the Tribune parent company filed for bankruptcy protection. How long does the Repulsive think it will remain afloat when the “news” they grind out is a daily insult to its few remaining readers? This article is typical. Isn’t it interesting that they omit the fact that travel writer Frommer is a longtime contributor to the Dems and supported Barack Obama? Where’s that disclosure?

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    I keep telling you all to stop reading this garbage. This newspaper is an irrelevant relic, headed for the trash heap. When are you going to start listening to me?

  3. Doug Johnson says:

    Frommer doesn’t intend to travel to Arizona because of safety considerations? At his age, I wonder how much traveling he’s actually doing….ANYWHERE. This whole Frommer business is a crock! He probably hasn’t had this much attention in the last several decades.

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