Like that nagging ex-wife


Piggy-backing on yesterday’s front page article declaring Arizona has an “image problem” because a legally armed man showed up at a street protest when President Obama addressed the VFW Convention last month, we are treated to yet another editorial today. Arizona’s Tarnished Image is a relentless, full-strength, nagging rehash.

For the few masochistic men wandering among us, Linda Valdez must be a real treat. No doubt she makes them long for the ex-wife who made an art form of breathing new life into wearisome old arguments. They divorced her once. Try it again without the hassles — and this time, keep your money in the bargain. Feel the blissful freedom: Unsubscribe.

The hard truth is, Linda never did love you.


9 Responses to Like that nagging ex-wife

  1. Chuck says:

    You hit this right on the head! Great post and one a lot of us can identify with!

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    I knew she (and the rest of the Republic staffers) disrespected me, but it hurts to know the love wasn’t there! Bummer!!

  3. Army Of One says:

    I suspect Linda knows a lot of us love the Constitution a whole lot more than we love her.

  4. Ellsworth says:

    You guys are right. I started doing a little searching on this topic and found that Second Amendment supporters have been derided and called everything from “cowboys,” “attention starved exhibitionists,” “wannabe Patrick Henrys,” “lazy,” and “thugs.” to “an embarrassment” and “knuckleheads” — all in the pages of this newspaper. The Trib is in deep, deep trouble. How much longer will the Republic be alive? As long as the insults keep coming, I find I don’t care. (Never thought I’d say THAT!)

    The Arizona Republic has shown total disrespect for their readers and the Constitution. It is time to unsubscribe. The info is here. Come on! Let’s do it!

  5. Ron says:

    And wouldn’t you know, Valdez finds room to rap Sheriff Arpaio again in the ridiculous editorial! And she uses the same space to glorify Phil Gordon, Michelle Obama and Arthur Frommer, who hasn’t been active in the travel business for over 3 DECADES, but she still calls him a travel guru. Spare me! No wonder the newspaper is in the toilet.

    Ellsworth is right. Let’s all help put this paper out of its misery. CANCEL!!

  6. Calypso says:

    The feeling is mutual. My feelings about Ms. Valdez mirror hers. The only time I read anything this obsessive and exceedingly angry woman writes is when I see it here. Do us all a favor and ditch the references to her “work.”

  7. Ray says:

    Ah, but there is ONE thing deserving of Linda’s affection. She has a fanatical love of the illegal aliens flooding the USA. And it is fully reciprocated by her devoted love objects.

    They read:

  8. Seen It All says:

    Good analogy with the miserable ex. I’ve had similar thoughts. This hit me in the funny bone!

  9. Doc says:

    I’m wondering about Mrs. Valdez’ South American connections…isn’t that where the 3rd Reich members escaped to? Hey! You can take the lady outta’ faschism, but you can’t take the faschism outta’ th’ lady…OH!

    Lovingly posted by a Capitolist Pig, Knuckle draggin’ cro-magnon, 2A supportin’, Gun wearin’ Arizonan!

    P.S…that ‘exhibitionist’ comment is neither here nor there…you guys weren’t supposed to know about that…