Tax increase fares better with voters than Gov. Jan Brewer

According to a recent survey conducted by Summit Consulting Group, it appears public support is weaker for Republican Gov. Jan Brewer than for the tax increase she is banking her political career on.

Of 602 likely Arizona voters phoned, only 18 percent said they would vote for Brewer if the gubernatorial election was held today. Nearly 46 percent of poll respondents said they would cast their ballot for “someone else,” and 35 percent were undecided. Brewer has not yet announced her campaign plans for the 2010 election.

Gov. Brewer’s 1-cent temporary sales tax hike fared better. Forty-nine percent of poll respondents said they supported the three-year tax increase, while 43 percent opposed it. Seven percent were undecided.

The poll, which has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points, was conducted last week.  Here, courtesy of the daily, are the questions that were used in the poll.

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5 Responses to Tax increase fares better with voters than Gov. Jan Brewer

  1. Capitol Watcher says:

    Gov. Brewer is a savvy politico with a résumé attesting to years of public service. She has been a consistent conservative voice in the state for nearly thirty years. Unfortunately for her, she inherited a dismal economy made worse by her liberal predecessor, Janet Napolitano. I’m sorry to see Brewer in this situation, but won’t be surprised if she sees the handwriting on the wall and decides to “spend more time with her family.”

  2. Safford Voter says:

    Long term office holder? Yes. Savvy? Maybe. How savvy it is to undercut your own party base by pushing a tax increase when people are hurting?

    I’m not a political insider, and have never wanted to be, but I talk to a lot of people at work, in the neighborhood and at church. They are mostly royally ticked off. These are Republicans and blue dog Democrats, who tend to be less liberal.

    These 18% numbers wouldn’t surprise any I’ve mentioned. Can’t make heads or tails out of the folks who support the tax. This is not the time.

  3. Another LD11 PC says:

    This means that Chuck Coughlin’s assessment and quote in the news last week was wholly incorrect. Last week Chuck was quoted as saying that the governor would be more likely to run if she could show she had the tools of leadership. He linked those “tools” to the ability to get the referendum for the tax increase on the ballot.

    (To Chuck “tools” must mean characteristics of despotism and ignoring the will of the people as expressed through their elected representatives. Notwithstanding THAT…..)

    The results showed in the GENERAL population that Brewer’s reelection was LESS IMPORTANT to the polltakers than the tax increase and K-12.

    Which means that they care LESS about Brewer’s reelection IRRESPECTIVE of the outcome of the tax increase or K-12.

    When subtracting out DEMOCRAT voters from the poll results, K-12 and passage of the tax referendum falls to LESS than 50%!

    This means that true to form (regardless of how badly Chuckie, McCain and Brewer want to spin it) Republicans #1 and #2 issues are NOT K-12 and the tax increase! (As any sane and honest person would admit to.)

    So, nice try Chuckie. You lost this round. Sanity and honesty won this day.

  4. MacBeth says:

    Excellent appraisal, LD11PC. For my money, the mistake made by Gov. Brewer, which far overshadows the budget, is her staff of advisors. My guess is any one of them would jump ship in a hot minute if the opportunity presented itself. It is the ultimate McKyl trap.

    Brewer was too smart to fall for this, but probably lacked confidence on this level. The problem for her is akin to that encountered in the Tower of London, where political rivals were either imprisoned or executed. It’s good to keep your enemies close, but not where they can figuratively get their fingers around your throat.

  5. Economist says:

    Wihtout the cross tabs you don’t know what Republicans said. The poll questions were poorly written either way.