Toxic czars replaced by anemic “point persons”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA),the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, have sent a letter to White House Counsel Gregory Craig calling for the release of information pertaining to the appointment of a number of senior Administration advisors, otherwise known as “czars.”

They have requested detailed information on the vetting of the czars, compensation, authority, and all records and communications relating to the policies and procedures by which these individuals were selected, reviewed, “vetted” or otherwise approved for appointment. The lawmakers have asked for the information by September 29, FOX News reports.

Reps. Issa and Smith say that Obama has created 53 czar positions, filling 45 of them. The areas of responsibility for the czars range from the auto industry to national security to foreign affairs. Their appointments circumvent Senate confirmation, evading congressional oversight.

In her recent post, Obama’s new euphemism for his czars, Michelle Malkin reports that Obama — still feeling the sting of the Van Jones debacle and his ensuing swift exit — tried out the more anemic replacement term “point person,” during his speech to the AFL-CIO.

More Obama-style form over substance.

10 Responses to Toxic czars replaced by anemic “point persons”

  1. MacBeth says:

    Renaming these less than credible appointees still doesn’t put them through senate confirmation. This is another obscene practice, skirting normal procedures that the Obamessiah thinks he can enact with impunity. And so far it’s working out for him.

  2. Kathy says:

    Obama is building a sub-gov’t to help him destroy this Country & fulfill his dream of Dictator. My opinion seemed far-fetched to me – but not anymore!

  3. Doc says:

    I’m diggin’ out my “tin-hat” now! The following not only replaces Van Jones…this genius tops him:

    And this:

    Lastly, THIS:

    Toxic doesn’t even begin to cover it! I got these 3 from world net daily. This guy makes me want to take up residence in the bathroom. I again ask why our legislators aren’t taking the President to task on his associates? How many of these guys, besides the whole ACORN crew…are outright socialists & criminals?

  4. Sideliner says:

    Thanks, Doc. This Cass Sunstein is quite a character. He needs to follow Van Jones out the door.

  5. Doc says:

    Always glad to be of service to true conservatives. The even scarier thing with Sunstein is that he’s a HARVARD professor. If these are the types of people HARVARD is employing to provide higher education…no wonder we’re in this mess! All of these ‘czars’ need to go. These people hold legitimate authority over American citizens, without being approved by our ‘representatives’…not that the current batch of ya-hoos would make much difference.

  6. Villanova says:

    Doc: Sunstein’s Harvard credentials provide one usual telltale fact: He’s a liberal. That’s Obama’s alma mater.

    There are a few notable (local) Republican exceptions such as County Attorney Andrew Thomas and AZ Schools Superintendent Tom Horne, who both attended Harvard.

    AZ’s current and very liberal Attorney General Terry Goddard is a Harvard alum and very much in concert with the bent of the university.

  7. ron says:

    Who appointed the first Czar? Hmmm, That good old Gipper, Ronnie Reagan himself. And the people on the mall talked about Russian Czars taking over – and when told that the whole idea of czars started with Reagan were dumbfounded and left speechless…

  8. Doc says:

    ron-President Reagan had 1 czar I believe. That was Bennett-Drug czar.

    Mr. Obama by compairison, has 42 up to this point, & most of them are KNOWN socialists. They would have us live in an orwellian society, were it left up to them.

    I wasn’t ‘dumbfounded’ at the time…I was in the U.S.A.F., but I didn’t care for it when I found out how that process worked. I care for it less now.

    Oh! And Mr. Bennett isn’t a socialist…

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