Raid nets suspect using stolen ID belonging to border patrol agent

 Just a few more good people coming to do the work Americans refuse to do

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies have conducted a raid on Berardi Enterprises, a Peoria construction reclamation company.

The Sheriff’s Office acted on an anonymous tip from a former employee of the business who alleged that the company was knowingly hiring illegal aliens using falsified identification.

Five employees of the business suspected of being illegal aliens were arrested on identity theft charges, a class four felony. The company’s management cooperated with deputies and assisted in locating suspects.

“These investigations would be much easier on everybody if we could get the same type of cooperation from businesses that we got from this company. [This] operation should serve as a message to all companies who hire illegal aliens.” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.

While conducting the morning  raid Sheriff’s deputies learned that one of the suspects was using the identity of a U.S. Border Patrol agent. “This once again proves that identity theft is not victimless and affects many people” stated the Sheriff.

This raid marks the 24th investigation carried out by Sheriff’s deputies on businesses engaging in the practice of hiring illegal aliens.

4 Responses to Raid nets suspect using stolen ID belonging to border patrol agent

  1. American Dad says:

    Amazing! Not even law enforcement agents are beyond the scope of the criminal mind.

    Illegal aliens have become very adept at theft and forgery of every conceivable type of document. It has become a mainstay underground business since it allows all the criminal trespassers a means of establishing themselves once they illegally cross our border.

  2. Rambling Rose says:

    I am so proud of Sheriff Arpaio for not caving in under the extreme pressure exerted on him. He does the right thing regardless of the threats by liberals and the open border fools who don’t seem to understand the concept of sovereignty and laws. It was a pleasure to vote for him each time he has run and I look forward to doing so in the future. I care deeply about the future of my family and this country and so does Sheriff Arpaio.

  3. Jeff says:

    No one is immune to these thieves who have no qualms about law breaking from the first moment they enter the USA illegally. Then it just escalates. I have a business associate who has gone through hell trying to regain his credit and good name after being victimized. I hope the next ones to feel the sting of this crime are the members of the AZ delegation who contribute mightily to this problem by sitting on their hands while they promote amnesty.

  4. sherriaz says:

    No one in Congress has, apparently, been personally affected by identity theft. While I would not wish the nightmare on anyone, lack of compassion for AMERICANS affected by this insidious crime is prevalent in D.C. Too much compassion is directed at the illegals, including BHO’s push to legalize them all so he can provide healthcare to them at taxpayer expense.