Five years probation for former mayoral candidate Jarrett Maupin


Who can forget the Rev. Al Sharpton protégée Rev. Jarrett Maupin II? 

The former Phoenix mayoral candidate, now 22, was sentenced yesterday to five years probation and 75 hours of community service for making a false report to the FBI.

Maupin II was indicted in January. After admitting that he falsely informed the FBI last September that Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon had allegedly engaged in criminal activity. Maupin made the claim in order to damage Gordon’s mayoral aspirations.

According to federal prosecutors, Maupin has repudiated the false report as part of his plea agreement and also agreed to resign his position on the governing board of the Phoenix Union High School District.

In the oddest of circumstances, Maupin was removed from the 2007 city ballot after the Maricopa County Clerk’s Office determined that nearly 185 of the signatures that sealed his spot in the race were collected by convicted felons.

Maupin got off easy with the sentence.  He faced up to 6 months in jail and fine of up to $2,500, as Seeing Red AZ reported last November.


6 Responses to Five years probation for former mayoral candidate Jarrett Maupin

  1. Rambling Rose says:

    This arrogant little creepster did get off easy. The courts should have exacted a promise that he will not run for public office in the future. His modus operandi is being a thorn and public nuisance. He contributes nothing to the betterment of this community.

  2. Calypso says:

    Maupin was defeated back in 2005 when he ran for a seat on the Phoenix City Council.

    He needs to go back to hanging with the irreverent Rev. Sharpton.

    Question: Do either of these two “Revs” have authentic degrees from theological seminaries or serve actual congregations?

  3. Doug Johnson says:

    Maupin has long been regarded as a weasel. How interesting that he used convicted felons to collect his petition signatures. Is there a clearing house where candidates locate such political helpers?

  4. sherriaz says:

    He should have done jail time, but as a Sharpton crony he got a slap on the wrist.

    I don’t want to hear another comment about racial injustice unless it’s about the white kids getting harsher punishments in the TUSD.

  5. Donnybrook says:

    Ha! You got that right, Sherriaz! If you are white and desire better treatment for your children, get them a deep tan and name them Jesus or Jamal to ensure they get a better-than-fair shake.

  6. Kwan says:

    Sharpton and Maupin must go to the same hair stylist.