It’s still too hot to be taken in by TUSD’s snow job

The Republic’s Doug MacEachern writes that AZ School Superintendent Tom Horne traveled to the Old Pueblo to shine some light on the Tucson Unified School District’s planned race-based discipline policy. MacEachern reports that he “admires Horne’s moxie for facing down the education ideologues, but it appears he set himself up for the local newspaper — a thorough-going advocate of TUSD’s most radical policies — to whack him.”  In addition to the biased news report, here is the snow-job editorial  — a bit hard to take when the temperature is still in the triple digits.

MacEachern verifies that Horne has interpreted the relevant section correctly. Which brings us to the defense of the policy presented in today’s Arizona Daily Star story by TUSD Superintendent Elizabeth Celania-Fagen.

Fagen said Horne’s depiction of the policy “is really not the truth.”

MacEachern writes: That simply is not a fair reading of the Governing Board’s plan. According to the language of the Plan as adopted by the district governing board, African-American and Latino students are singled out because “TUSD recognizes that there are ethnic/racial disparities in student discipline actions,” and, as the Plan repeats several times, “special attention will be dedicated to data regarding African American and Hispanic students.”

To suggest, as Superintendent Fagen does, that African-American and Latino students aren’t singled out for any special attention in the Plan is utterly disingenuous. The Plan employs variations of the phrase “especially African American and Hispanic students” no fewer than seven times in the Discipline section, including this explicit reference:

The district will reduce the disproportionate number of suspensions of African American and Hispanic students.”

Seeing Red AZ covered this bizarre race-based system of discipline earlier in the week. It even made national news as syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin gave it coverage on her website.

No wonder increasing numbers of parents are taking their children out of the government schools, run by leftist ideologues and NEA unionists.


4 Responses to It’s still too hot to be taken in by TUSD’s snow job

  1. papatodd says:

    I just did a post on my site on this topic. I was able to find on the TUSD website the outline of the Raza project. Can’t make this stuff up.
    Read on, whitey.

    They list their goals;

    Students will attain an understanding and appreciation of historic and contemporary Mexican American contributions. students will be prepared for dynamic, confident leadership in the 21st Century.

    The Department is firmly committed to the following with an academic focus:

    Advocating for and providing culturally relevant curriculum for grades K-12.

    Advocating for and providing curriculum that is centered within the pursuit of social justice.

    Advocating for and providing curriculum that is centered within the Mexican American/Chicano cultural and historical experience.

    Working towards the invoking of a critical consciousness within each and every student.

    Providing and promoting teacher education that is centered within Critical Pedagogy, Latino Critical Pedagogy, and Authentic Caring.

    Promoting and advocating for social and educational transformation.

    Promoting and advocating for the demonstration of respect, understanding, appreciation, inclusion, and love at every level of service.

  2. sherriaz says:

    I can see more and more parents of means and /or commitment removing their kids from school districts that are not preparing them for the future. I would not be surprised to see growth in homeschooling and private schools in the Tucson area for whites and other minority groups while the public schools are left to the Hispanics.

    Meaningless “La Raza” drivel will not help get Hispanic kids into college or land a good paying job. They may outnumber the other races within the next 50 years, but will not have the education to handle the challenges. Meanwhile, the kids who did well in math, science and critical thinking will still be hiring the La Raza grads to cut their lawns.

  3. Kara Leighton says:

    This is quite a story! Who would have imagined social engineering would reach this point where students are treated differently depending upon their skin tone? We are sinking to the lowest possible depths of retooling society. The NEA and AEA should hang their heads in shame.

  4. Kimball says:

    One of the liberal AZ blogs (I won’t name it, why give them free advertisement?) has a deceptive photo-shopped photo of AZ Schools Superintendent Tom Horne appearing much like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, wiping his forehead with a white handkerchief while loosening his tie. How telling of the agendized left. They can’t take it when they are exposed as radicals and will go to any extremes to diminish those who tell the truth. In fact, the liberals now go out of their way to reconfigure themselves as “progressives.”