Rasmussen: 61% of AZ Republicans think McCain out of touch with party base

Although Arizona’s U.S. Sen. John McCain was the GOP’s presidential nominee in 2008, he’s always had a challenging relationship with the GOP’s base voters.

A new Rasmussen Reports statewide survey finds that a whopping 61% of Arizona Republican voters think McCain has lost touch with those in his own party.

That’s up eleven points from 50% in May. More telling yet, only 33% of the Republican faithful in the state believe McCain has done a good job representing GOP values.

But without a viable candidate to challenge him, the outlook for replacing this liberal dinosaur appears gloomy.  Since his initial races, McCain has been fortunate to have little in the way of opposition.  How many voters have heard of Stuart Starky? The 8th grade math teacher made the history books as a perennial Democrat candidate, but provided no alternative to the well-financed, attractive, returning injured vet held captive in Vietnam.  And so it has been.

William “Bill” Hegarty was the Democrat and Richard Dodge the Libertarian when McCain swept into the then-CD1 House seat in 1982. Harry Braun, III, was the unlucky Democrat to take him on in 1984.

By 1986 McCain was running for the U.S. Senate. There Richard Kimball was the Democrat touncee. Claire Sargent was the Democrat opponent 6 years later. In 1998 the Democrat was Ed Ranger. You get the picture. These names have been lost to history while McCain inexplicably continues to sail through the decades – while representing a more constricted portion of the party with each election.

What is needed is a candidate with gravitas, a loyal following, the ability to raise the necessary financing and a winning “story.”  Such a man will be beginning his weekday 4 – 7 PM radio program on 550 AM KFYI shortly.

23 Responses to Rasmussen: 61% of AZ Republicans think McCain out of touch with party base

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Thank you guys at Seeing Red AZ. Congressman Hayworth needs to see this!!!

  2. Calypso says:

    Congressman Hayworth was and is the best! How about forming a Draft J.D. Campaign?

  3. Jeff says:

    You want a following? Who has a more loyal fan base than Hayworth? He has his devoted radio audience and all who lived in his district and were happy to cast their ballots for him. The readers of his book alone would put him in the catbird’s seat. We need to have a real candidate to run and who can win against McCain. I agree that man is JD!

  4. AZ Conservative Gal says:

    Count me in. I have 22 years of experience as an office manager for a large corporation and have worked on numerous campaigns both here and in Utah. I will sign on to this campaign in a heartbeat.

  5. Charlie Conservative says:

    I would go to every stump speech of JD’s just to hear him imitate Lindsey Gramnesty doing his suck-up routine to McCain and McCain doing his arrogant response. I would be happy to pay big money just to see the show. Can’t tell you how much McCain turns my stomach, and it gets worst every time he opens his out-of-touch mouth. Lord, please spare us from 6 more years of this embarrassment.

  6. Jill G. says:

    JD would have an army of volunteers show up on very little notice. The anti-John McCain momentum is HUGE all around Arizona. This is a golden opportunity for JD to really serve his very loyal following.

    Just Do It! We’ve never needed JD more than we do now.

  7. sherriaz says:

    McCain needs to be dumped, no question. I’d work for JD in his campaign,but is he interested in running? When I’ve heard him asked about running for office again, he seems to play it pretty coy.

  8. Doc says:

    Unfortunately, if a Senator keeps on talking out of BOTH sides of his mouth, it’s bound to catch up to him. And so we have this fine example in Mr. McCain. Ya’ can’t come here & go on th Barry Young Show on 550 KFYI, & talk tuff, then go back to D.C., & push to give the CRIMINAL illegal aliens AMNESTY!

  9. Vince says:

    JD Hayworth had his reputation wrongly sullied and the government apologies came after he lost the election. That is simply unacceptable. Hayworth spent a fortune defending himself against the relentless legal assault that was devestating to him and his family. It makes sense that he is reluctant to go through that viciousness again. And old Harry Mitchell, the “kindly” school teacher, ran shameless ads showing JD in the crosshairs of a gun sight. How much can one family stand and one man go through? Hayworth’s reluctance is understandable.

  10. Chuck says:

    I listen to JD most afternoons and find him to be bright and witty — a great combination. He knows the issues and I have no doubt he could win against the increasingly irrelevant McCain. Why allow McAmnesty back for another six year term to sell us out again? I would do anything I could to help get JD elected. Seriously.

  11. Night Owl says:

    I’m surprised it’s only 61% who think John McCain has lost touch with the grassroots of the Republican party. Among the people I know, the number would be far higher. He gets reelected because people are familiar with his name and we have a state with many newcomers who don’t know what a liberal he is. The “maverick” image has been good for him since it allows him to snooker a lot of the politically naive.

  12. DeAnn says:

    Say the word J.D. and we will help you win. McCain needs to go.

  13. Watchful 1 says:

    I’m a longtime reader, firstime commenter saying Count me in!! JD you’d be doing this state an enormous favor. Please consider this race. You would win. Look at the polling numbers!

  14. Cathy says:

    Even if we get a viable challenger, McCain will run on “I can win the general”, many Republicans will then vote for him based on fear of losing the seat to the Democrat in the general election. I have seen this too many times, that is one reason why incumbents do have such a high percentage of wins when challenged in primaries.

  15. Stanford says:

    Who’s this fearsome Democrat, Cathy?

  16. Doc says:

    Cathy-Your comment is exactly why, in my opinion, voting for the “lesser of 2 evils” is not the best plan. Then, there’s the line of thought that voting your conscious in some cases, is a vote for the guy you don’t want in office. (B-HO’s current address being a perfect example.) I respectfully disagree.

    I vote my conscious. If my candidate isn’t on the “General Ballot”, I write him/her in. Why? Because,”to thine own self, be true.” Honestly, My conscous is clear on the Presidential issue…I voted for Ron Paul!

    What happened to JD was/is an absolute disgrace. His financial outlay over that whole legal fiasco should be returned to him by those that wrongfully accused him. But those people don’t have the honesty, integrety, or decency to do the RIGHT thing. That said, JD has to step up if he WANTS the job. I believe he could handily take McAmnesty in the primary, & I don’t believe that the libs have anybody that could touch him in the general. But WILL he? Maybe he just doesn’t want the CRAP that WILL come. Because the fight will be long & dirty, unfortunately. Which, as I find myself often saying anymore, speaks volumes of our current representation in the U.S. Senate…

  17. Steve says:

    I just heard JD Hayworth discussing this post as I was driving home from work and for the first time, he actually sounded as though this was a race he would consider. If you do, JD, I’ll work on my first ever campaign — YOURS! No one else has ever moved me to consider that.

  18. gopgal says:

    Please save us from another 6 years of non-representation by McCain. Everyone I talk to says, “when is he going to retire?” or “I’ll never vote for him again!” We need J.D. to run!!!!!!

  19. anm2_man says:

    Then how about giving a this person a shot at it. http://jimdeakin.com/.

  20. Sideliner says:

    The answer to your question is a simple one, anm2,

    Because Mr. Deakin has no name ID, and no ability to raise the millions of dollars necessary to wage an effective campaign. He is also too meek to insist that he be allowed to speak at the district meetings he attends. I’ve seen him several times and he could be the paint on the wall. What is his background? What qualifies him? What drives him? Where is his passion? He might be a great guy, but he’s not going anywhere.

  21. 912er2 says:

    out of all the people that i would hope to run against mccain, other than trent franks would be JD. i hope you run, and i to will for the first time step forward and work with the campain to help get mccain out and JD in.

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  23. DeAnn says:

    Our state party is scared to do the right thing and clean up our party. How many times do we have to put up with this before we say enough? I am so tired of hearing that we have to support McCain so we don’t get a democrat in his place. Just like with Obama, it only takes a few months for America to see the truth.
    A bad Republican hurts the party. When will we git it?