Adam Driggs State Senate exploratory fundraiser sports high flying celebrity

State Rep. Adam Driggs (R-Dist.11) has formed an exploratory committee for the state Senate seat being vacated by term-limited Sen. Barbara Leff.  Driggs’ uncle, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, will be on hand to sprinkle some moon dust on the event.

 A larger version of the impressive invitation is available here.



12 Responses to Adam Driggs State Senate exploratory fundraiser sports high flying celebrity

  1. Flying V says:

    One of the Lefty blogs writes that Driggs probably doesn’t know Aldrin. In fact, Aldrin’s wife, Lois, is a Driggs. She’s Adam’s aunt and Buzz is his uncle by marriage.

  2. Another LD11 PC says:

    Personally, I like Adam. But did you note the presence of Marty Shultz and Shiree Verdone on the invite? He really could have left these two people off. Associating with those two people really subtracts several points off from Adam in my book.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Also, did you notice Janet Napolitano strong-arm thug Mario Diaz (remember the Squaw Peak shenanigans?) and Jini Simpson, who was the PV ringleader in ousting conservatives from the party elected posts? What a strange list of “hosts” for a supposed conservative. Someone in his district should ask Driggs some pointed questions about his associates.

  4. Tomfoolery says:

    The host committee list is rife with lobbyists, members of the American Bar Association and “moderates.” Why would anyone think he’s a conservative? Diaz is a far-left liberal.

  5. Capitol Watcher says:

    Mario Diaz worked as a top aide to Janet Napolitano when she was governor. That adds to the ‘curiosity factor’ of the host committee.

  6. Shakespeare says:

    MacBeth, you failed to notice that Vernon Parker is also on the Host Committee. Vernon was Jini Simpson’s partner-in-crime in defeating former County Chairman, Tom Husband (an immigration law enforcement conservative), from being re-elected.

    Husband was the most talented and hardest working County Chairman we ever had. But what mattered was that he opposed our delegation’s McCain directed agenda, and therefore, he had to go, as did former LD 11 Chairman Haney for the same reason.

    Rep Driggs recruited his family and friends as PCs to help McCain defeat Husband and Haney and install former McCain staffer, Steve Tully, as LD 11 Chairman. Driggs was an “I refuse to vote”, walk-out on Senator Pearce’s anti-sanctuary city legislation thereby helping to defeat it.

    Driggs is a McCain controlled legislator and his Host Committee clearly shows it. He is now receiving his pay-for-services-rendered from McCain. Driggs is but a hapless figure in the current tragic play now touring called…McCain, a sequel to MacBeth.

  7. Kim says:

    OK. I’m impressed that his uncle walked on the moon. But after reading that Driggs was one of the ones who walked out on the “Sanctuary City” vote, that’s where I’d like to send him. This issue is too important to me to give anyone a pass on supporting illegals flooding our country. I live in the district, I have children who I would like to have a similar America to the one I grew up in, and I vote! Are there any other candidates for the senate seat?

  8. Clark says:

    Adam Driggs is in the tank on illegal immigration, as evidenced by his walk-out of the chamber when he should have shown some strength of character and voted. Even though I would not have appreciated a “no” vote, I would have given him credit for casting the votes he is being paid to make. Instead, he allowed his pro-illegal immigrant posture to show, as he avoided doing his duty. It’s worth noting that his law practice is “immigration” related. It’s doubtful his major clients are from Europe, since they usually have arrived legally and are not in need of a “fix” by an immigration lawyer.

  9. Stanford says:

    Here’s the evidence of what you alluded to, Clark. The LDS church actively recruits previously Catholic Latinos and is supposedly “conflicted” regarding asking about their legal status. So conflicted in fact, that they simply DON’T inquire. It’s the church’s version of DON’T ASK. DON’T TELL. So much for obeying the law of the land, a major tenet of the church…as is proselytizing.

    They need to get this right or risk losing support of grassroots Republican non-Mormons who are generally in concert with the mostly politically conservative Mormon community. The potential to harm the presidential aspirations of Mitt Romney, should he run again, is real.

  10. Kate says:

    Interesting insight. Thank you, Stanford. Now I get it. And whoever is running against Driggs has my vote. Strange how the religious denominations are lining up to push for illegal immigration, amnesty = Democrat majority = Obama = opposite of what religion purports to represent. Sure a sign of the end times. All hail the Messiah, Obama!

  11. Villanova says:

    Oh, why not?…I’ll add my observation to the others here.
    ‘Host” Susan Charlton’s husband Paul is the attorney hired to defend “Host” Vernon Parker. What a tightly wrapped package this group is.

  12. MacBeth says:

    Now we know who the McCain candidate is. Just look at the names on the host committee.