BHO’s got a video challenge going

This one, in which the American flag is defaced, seems to have caught the eye of the judges.

But the one where more children are exploited has its own particular brand of charm.

These two videos are among the many submitted to President Barack Obama’s Organizing for America Health Reform Video Challenge. Which one brings you closest to gagging?

3 Responses to BHO’s got a video challenge going

  1. American Dad says:

    “A year from now my parents will have to sell our house because I broke my leg“? “Three months I’ll need surgery and my parents will go bankrupt“? “Two years from now I’ll be diagnosed with leukemia and I‘ll die because my parents couldn’t afford health care? My overpowering thought in watching this obscenity isn’t fury at the children saying “we all DESERVE” health care. It is my shock at the fact that any parent would allow their child to participate in such an outrageous and packed full of lies, ad! Even illegals get health care in this country.

  2. Sally Forth says:

    Disgusting! I agree with Dad (above) that this is overblown hyperbole, and full of distortions and lies. Democrats often have no boundaries and show no embarrassment for such shameful and exploitive acts.

  3. Doc says:

    I wear an American flag on my cut-away. I cordially invite any libs who’ve eaten their wheaties to com & try to deface it.

    That flag video is disgusting. I thought “tagging” was illegal!