Gov. Brewer’s well received tax-hike idea intrigues Mayor Phil

Mayor Philly Gordon, Phoenix’s high flyin’ international jet-setter, is looking for a cash infusion for the monetarily anemic city. In addition to recently raising fees for numerous city services, Phil Gordon is now “floating” the idea of a “temporary sales-tax increase,” according to a report in the daily.

And why not? The concept was certainly a winner for Gov. Jan Brewer.

Suggestion to Slippery Phil: How about defunding the costly Sanctuary City policies you oversee, which provide refuge to illegal aliens as well as ensuring funding for their education, medical care, and the high costs associated with law enforcement, prosecution and incarceration incurred by many of the lawbreakers.

In addition, the idea of rewarding a censured spendthrift of taxpayer funds with the job of county manager is preposterous, yet Gordon cast his ballot for David Cavazos, despite his week-long disciplinary work suspension and imposition of sanctions in the form of reimbursement for his personal travel extravagances,

Another example of city wastefulness is the “ very, very severe” punishing salary of  a mere $81,245 to the city’s chief spokesman, David Ramirez for his ongoing crude and vulgar mistreatment of subordinates. Ramirez had previously earned $105,368 plus numerous perks — including a monthly car allowance of $435.

We don’t need no stinkin’ tax increase, Mayor. We need tax relief. There are additional places to cut. When you get off the plane, take a look around City Hall.

5 Responses to Gov. Brewer’s well received tax-hike idea intrigues Mayor Phil

  1. Ricky Lujan says:

    City of Phoenix owns a house on my block. When the house turns over to new tennants, which is about every three months, you see a crew of six orange shirts milling about the property for 10 days.

    It takes a city crew of 10 to do what two determined invesors accomplish in a day and a half. Amazing.

  2. Clark says:

    Another preposterous taxing idea from another preposterous, taxing politician. I hope Gordon fares as well with his and Brewer did with hers.

  3. Kathy says:

    Gordon needs the money for his Phx PD security while visiting his girlfriend while on the clock, his travels around the globe, to pay for legal services for his appeal of the $ 300 million given to City North (Chicago), paying Jack’s salary (while he gets his pension) as his lapdog, and all the other dog & pony shows he does. Oh yes, and all the tax dollars to pay for the services illegals receive.

  4. sherriaz says:

    Once again, I’m glad I live OUTSIDE of Phoenix. I can’t stand to even visit that city anymore.

  5. Calypso says:

    Phil Gordon has a girlfriend? My Gawd! Will wonders never cease? This must be a match made in desperation…I mean in heaven.