A guest editorial: Reasserting the Center

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3 Responses to A guest editorial: Reasserting the Center

  1. John Q says:

    The underlying premise is accurate. However, the national party is not to be trusted to uphold the principles enumerated in our Party Platform.

    In addition, the Arizona State Party has not acted with any more integrity than the national party. They have supported the tax increase of the governor, refused to take action as directed by the Executive Committee and consistently pandered to the congressional delegation.

    The Maricopa County leadership of Rob Haney and Tom Husband are to be trusted. Other than that, give to the individual candidate that you have vetted.

  2. 1776 says:

    I agree with the premise too. And the conclusion. The RNC is unduly influenced by the so-called Republican Leadership Council, formerly It’s My Party Too, the same folks to perverted the “big tent” idea to mean “No Particular Principles Preferred”. They get their bucks from folks who write checks with three or four zeros after the number anyway so they don’t miss it when conservatives deep-six their $25 dollar envelopes. Since the RINOs control the majority of the big bucks, the AZ GOP depends to a greater extent on support from the ten to hundred dollar folks. We elected them to help us take the Party back for conservatives but they can’t do it alone. If they fail it will be our fault, not theirs. “Freedom Isn’t Free” is more than a catchy phrase.

    The sales tax was part of a pragmatic compromise on the budget problem. Unfortunately compromises always seem to result in growth of government. The better approach would be for govt. to share the pain along with the rest of us. Those departments who game the system by cutting where it will hurt taxpayers the most should experience a change in leadership at least two levels deep.

  3. John Q says:


    Much of what you have written has validity, however, the state party supported the tax increase proposal on its own. In fact, they were strident in pressuring legislators to support the tax increase as a stand alone issue. It was the Legislature that came up with the tax cuts to offset the increase and to make permanent reductions in both the tax rates for all Arizonans and in serious reforms and cuts in spending.

    In fact, the state party did not spend one ounce of its energy working the final package with members. Due to the obstreporous actions of two members in the Senate who call themselves conservative but who have been self serving caricatures, we lost the best budget package in the history of our state.

    As to your “Freedom isn’t free” statement, I have given to the state party and encouraged that they bring the conservative grass roots leaders to the table in formulating policy and process, but they have spent all their time pandering to those who would do us all harm. They even have refused to follow the specific directions of the Executive Committee. In my opinion, they are a mirror image of the county chairs in NY CD23.

    It will not be the fault of those who elected them when they fail because they have REFUSED to work with their own base. A successful partnership requires both partners to be willing advocates for each other.

    Again, the Maricopa County Committee Chairman and Executive Director have worked without reservation to support the grass roots. It is time to be vigilant there also because the Congressional Delegation is working behind the scenes to undercut the effectiveness of this body.