Priceless new website: My Congressman is nuts


Created by Floridians outraged and embarrassed by Alan Grayson’s leftist positions and childish behavior. MyCongressmanIsNuts committee is an independent organization committed to defeating Alan Grayson in 2010.

Watch the video here.

4 Responses to Priceless new website: My Congressman is nuts

  1. Vince says:

    This is a superb move by those in his district who are fed up with his over the top antics.

  2. sherriaz says:

    God bless them! I hope they prevail. This guy is an embarrassment to the Congress and especially to his District.

    We need the same in Jeff Flakes district except ours would be “My Congressman is a RINO”.

  3. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Exactly, Sherri. I would also add the names Shadegg, McCain and Kyl and all of the GOP state legislators who snuck out on the votes prohibiting Sanctuary Cities in Arizona. We have lost AZ congressional seats to Democrats because our Republicans were so wishy-washy as to be indecipherable from liberal Democrats. If we’re going to have that type of representation, it might as well come from the ones with a “D” after their names. I’m tried of being screwed over by those I have worked to put in office. I won’t be doing that again. We need new faces to replace these impostors. I’m grateful we still have Trent Franks in Congress. I would happily vote for someone who ran as a CONSERVATIVE as Doug Hoffman is doing.

  4. Sgt. Preston says:

    This guy is a whack-job. He’s so over the top with outrageous statements that I can understand how his unwilling constituents want him out. He’s a walking, talking ego trip.