Sheriff Arpaio wins federal court victory against Department of Justice

The following article was in today’s daily, but tucked in with other one-column reports on page 3 of section B, under the easy-to-miss header Around Arizona. It was not available online:

U. S. District Judge G. Murray Snow this week barred the Department of Justice from participating in depositions related to a racial profiling case against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office pointed to Snow’s decision as a victory and sheriff’s officials believe it bolsters their assertion that the Justice Department, which has an  ongoing civil-rights investigation into Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office, is using “back door” methods to gain information.  Sheriff’s officials have accused Justice Department investigators of using Department of Homeland Security employees to gather information for the investigation and attempting to gain entry to a press conference without identifying themselves.

The Justice department does not comment on ongoing investigations.

Placement, it appears, is everything. When issuing the nearly daily scathing assaults on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, they merit Page One, above-the-fold, coverage in the Arizona Republic. When the sheriff wins a court victory, the ever-so playful newspaper takes us on a game of hide and seek.

We don’t want to play.  What we do want is straight, unbiased news reporting — which is likely too much to hope for, but the spirit of optimism lives and breathes.

6 Responses to Sheriff Arpaio wins federal court victory against Department of Justice

  1. Calypso says:

    “Straight, unbiased news reporting?“ Are you kidding? The paper will fold long before we see that happen.

  2. Steve says:

    This newspaper stinks. They don’t report, they persecute!

  3. Clark says:

    I so enjoy this site calling the Republic out for its transgressions. The newspaper is overtly biased, slanting its coverage to the far left. A perfect example is shown here, when Arpaio enjoys success, they bury it. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know about these matters if not for this site. We stopped our subscription years ago.

  4. Standing Tall says:

    Bravo, Joe!

  5. Joe Kaforney says:

    That bird cage carpet leans so far left that it won’t be long before it hits the dirt. Good riddance.

  6. Helen Post says:

    Three cheers for Judge Snow!! He gives me hope that the Obama-Chicago Mob-machine can be stalled.