Listen up Phoenix! 68% of U.S. voters oppose sanctuary cities

San Francisco has long prided itself on being a “sanctuary city” that refuses to work with federal authorities to identify and deport illegal immigrants. But now city officials are arguing over how far that policy should go when some of those illegal immigrants are charged with murder and other serious crimes.

A new Rasmussen Reports national poll finds that most Americans oppose sanctuary cities and think their policies lead to an increase in crime. A solid plurality say such cities, including New York, Washington, D.C. and many others — Phoenix, among them, should lose government funding because of their sanctuary policies. [Chandler, Mesa and Tucson, AZ have also made the infamous list.]

Given consistent findings that Americans overwhelmingly support efforts to crackdown on illegal immigration, it’s not surprising that 68% of U.S. voters oppose the creation of sanctuary cities.

Among the findings: Forty-nine percent — 49% say federal and state government funds should be cut off to cities that provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

Fifty percent (50%) of voters say sanctuary policies that protect illegal immigrants lead to an increase in crime.


5 Responses to Listen up Phoenix! 68% of U.S. voters oppose sanctuary cities

  1. Chuck says:

    Watch this video on this very subject: About midway through, Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera almost come to blows.

  2. Maggie says:

    Russell Pearce knows the law and the issues better than anyone else around. His dedication to this state and nation is without question. The slippery legislators who snuck out on the votes last session are the ones who need pressure applied to protect our jobs and future:
    Here is the list of GOP House members who abdicated their responsibilities and snuck out moments before the vote on Sanctuary Cities was taken. Remember them.

    Nancy Barto Dist. 7
    Rich Crandall Dist. 19
    Adam Driggs Dist.11
    Bill Konopnicki Dist. 5
    Lucy Mason Dist. 1
    Doug Quelland Dist. 10

    House Republicans who voted NO:
    Russ Jones Dist. 24
    John McComish Dist. 20
    Andrew Tobin Dist. 1

    Senate Republicans who voted NO:
    Carolyn Allen Dist. 8
    John Nelson Dist. 12

  3. Helen Post says:

    What is hilarious is to hear these weak on illegal immigration enforcement politicians spin their web of deceit and misinformation as they try to justify their actions in support of the illegal invasion and Phil Gordon’s sanctuary cities.

    Thank you SEEING RED for keeping this issue on the front burner. And McComish is the Majority Whip. The Enforcement voters should whip him right out of office.

  4. sherriaz says:

    If conservatism gets off life support and starts to make a comeback in this country, then we have a real chance to see new laws ending sanctuary cities. In a way, we should thank BHO because his total ineptitude as a president has pumped much needed blood into the conservative movement. The Dems are ignoring the public at their peril- and our glee.

  5. papatodd says:

    Make Phx a sancturay city and the crime rate goes up. Just a coincidence? I think not. I would shudder to imagine what Phx would look like if Sheriff Joe was NOT doing his job. God help us all.