Obama morphs into Teddy Roosevelt while waging war with George Bush

In an obvious attempt to divert attention away from the massive political defeats suffered by President Obama on Tuesday, the daily pumps him up as the anti-Bush environmentalist. This morning’s Page One, above-the-fold article, including three large photos — plus the generous jump page coverage — is titled: Obama moves quickly to preserve the West. And if that doesn’t grab you, the line, Policies favoring environment over industry, should.

The puff piece article is a clear indication the left learns little from harsh realities. Although Obama personally and repeatedly urged support of Democrat candidates in Virginia and New Jersey, the voters rejected Chris Deeds in his gubernatorial bid and turned out sitting Gov. Jon Corizine in favor of fiscally conservative Republicans. Yet inexplicably, the newspaper’s coverage is replete with knocks against former President George W. Bush. 

A few examples taken from the article clearly indicates Bush, though no longer a political entity, still makes a fine foe:

 — [steps] President Barack Obama has taken to reverse environmental policies of the Bush administration since taking office in January.

 — For eight years, the Bush administration crafted policies that opened doors wider for multiple uses on public lands. Users such as mining and logging companies won greater access in some areas, and federal agencies were given greater leeway in allowing development.

 — The Bush administration had planned to open up [a park area] to off-road vehicles.

 — In a sharp departure from the Bush administration, the Obama team has halted new uranium-mining.

 — “The environmentalists have been waiting in the wings for eight years,” quoting an assistant professor of political science at ASU, who obviously has a political rather than conservationist axe to grind.

 — “The previous administration was really all about extraction of resources from the land,” they quote reliable liberal Rep. Raul Grijalva.

 — While the Bush administration went after the region’s oil and gas reserves as a way to achieve greater energy independence, the Obama administration is shifting the focus to solar, wind and geothermal power as it looks for ways to boost both the economy and the state of the environment.

It’s the blame game at work.  And when Democrats have no one to blame but themselves, they are not above hauling out a Republican former president to slap around.

2 Responses to Obama morphs into Teddy Roosevelt while waging war with George Bush

  1. sherriaz says:

    The Dems are onboard to reduce our ability to provide power sources, leaving us at the mercy of countries who hate us. The costs to an already battered America will be staggering. Costs of oil and gas will go through the roof, jobs will be lost and more tax money will be requested to aid consumers. It’s a stupid vicious cycle.

    The responsible thing to do would be to balance environmental concerns with economic realities. America needs to be energy independent, period.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    To paraphrase Sen. Lloyd Bentson’s remark to Dan Quayle during the 1988 Vice Presidential debates:
    “I knew Teddy Roosevelt, and Mr. Obama, you’re no Teddy Roosevelt!”

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