Say what, Gov. Brewer?

Gov. Jan Brewer, a longtime Republican officeholder who has never previously lost an election, tosses her hat in the ring again this evening in her hometown of Glendale where she is poised to make her public announcement — officially indicating her intent to seek a full, four-year term in 2010. She filed her campaign committee documents with the Secretary of State’s office this morning confirming her candidacy.

Although Brewer has gotten crossways with her own Republican party over her determined efforts to impose a one-cent sales tax hike to lift the state from the budgetary morass she inherited, she will find that insignificant when compared to the questions that will be raised by her selection of former Arizona Attorney General Grant Woods as her campaign chairman. Woods, a sometime Republican, actually toyed with the idea of re-registering as a Democrat after he left office in 1998. Kate Fassett of HighGround Public Affairs Consultants will serve as Brewer’s campaign treasurer.

Woods lavished accolades and praise on liberal Democrat and former Gov. Janet Napolitano when she was selected as Obama’s secretary of Homeland Security, as reported by the Washington Post.

Brewer’s political career spans nearly three decades, beginning in the state legislature — with stints in both the House and Senate.  She was then elected to the Board of Supervisors and later as Secretary of State, before moving to the governor’s office last January. Brewer assumed office Napolitano‘s departure.

Several others potential candidates are eyeing the race. Currently, Tucson lawyer John Munger is the only officially announced Republican seeking the governor‘s office.

18 Responses to Say what, Gov. Brewer?

  1. Villanova says:

    Surely Gov. Brewer could pick someone with actual Republican bona fides to serve in this capacity in her campaign. This appears to be a move calculated to stick it to the conservative base who have opposed her tax increase, which actually made no sense in this tough economy.
    This appointment of Grant Woods could cause her incalculable harm.

  2. Capitol Watcher says:

    Bad move, Guv. And High Ground is no better. Coughlin should have gone the way of Tyne.

  3. Clark says:

    If this is the route she has chosen, she should have gone full speed ahead and asked John McCain to chair her campaign. It would have made as much sense. She needs to mend fences within the GOP. It looks to me like she’s taking a mighty strange path to accomplishing that. This is a tough one to fathom.

  4. Jack says:

    Picking Grant Woods is stunningly stupid! If Dean Martin gets in the race, she’s cooked.

  5. Doc says:

    Hopefully, Dean Martin & JD Hayworth will see that their/our state NEEDS them more than ever. Mrs. Brewer, like Mr. McCain, needs to retire.

    Is there any money to be made by running as an incumbant in the Governor’s race? I wonder…

  6. nightcrawler says:

    Brewer is an intelligent lady. Calculations were certainly made. Basically what this tells me is that she has written off a certain constituency, many of whom frequent this blog. She is moving towards the center and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Bold move. May backfire, but bold nonetheless.

  7. Vagabond says:

    To respond to Clark, I’ll just say that McCain and Woods have a very close past association. I don’t know what the relationship is these days, but Grant Woods and his wife, former newscaster Marlene Galan, were married at the McCain “ranch” years back. This is all very troubling. Brewer is either getting very bad advice or not thinking clearly.

  8. Cathy says:

    In primaries it is often the base that comes out. This means the conservative wing of the party. Picking Grant Woods as her campaign chair is not the best of moves.

  9. Army of One says:

    Grant Woods? This is a bad joke…..right? Whatever she is thinking of in making this selection, I’m sure of one thing…it isn’t ME. Woods is a longtime liberal. As a conservative PC, I can tell you this man isn’t in my camp, nor am I in his.

  10. Night Owl says:

    Woods = McCain = Coughlin. It’s a complete circle.

  11. Helen Post says:

    You are known by the friends you keep. Brewer’s close ties to McCain, Woods, Coughlin et al says it all for me. This will be another battle where the elites of the party attempt to stick it to the grassroots for the umpteenth time. They all run around shouting unity as they slip the knives in the backs of the conservatives who want our immigration laws enforced.

  12. Realist says:

    Night Owl & Helen Post, You two are right on target! There is nothing left to say.

  13. Standing Tall says:

    I believe her selection of Grant Woods was calculated. With this single action, she is signaling a dismissal of the grassroots conservative activists, who have been her strongest opponents on the tax increase, .and is going to make her bed with the McCain crowd. The only problem is the McCain crowd will not be there for her when she needs them. Some have already veered off into the puzzling hinterlands of John Mungerland and Vernon Parkerville. Neither of them are substantive candidates, but the siphoning of support will harm Brewer in myriad ways.
    My prediction? Ultimately this error-ridden action will give a Republican primary victory to Dean Martin and the general will be won handily by Democrat Terry Goddard. Not exactly what Republicans want. Be careful what you wish for.

  14. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Put Brewer in the goner column right alongside Woods.
    Where has he been in recent years? Why would he have been dug up except to cause her damage? I’ve never thought Gov. Brewer was well served by her staff. This proves it!

  15. Willy Bird says:

    I am looking forward to the 2010 election for Gov. Brewer. She inhereted a mess so hopefully she will have some time now to help clean it up. Gov. Brewer is a great family women and a well qualified governor.

  16. Ron says:

    HighGround Consulting, where campaign treasurer Kate Fassett works, is the home of Chuck Coughlin and many former McCain staffers. McCain aides who were elected Republican Precinct Committeemen in District 11 signed up in force on the Republicans for Janet Napolitano website, when that liberal Democrat was running for Arizona Governor. These are the people Jan Brewer has cozied up with. Sorry. That doesn’t work for me.

  17. Mason says:

    She’s counting on several conservatives splitting the primary vote and winning the primary with approx. 35% of the vote based on incumbency and the rare liberal Republican. She’s then counting on conservatives to count her as the lessor of two evils against Goddard.

  18. Onward says:

    I really think that the conservatives and grassroots (Tea Party & 912 groups) are being extremely underestimated…did people not see what just happened in NY-23? I have heard some say they won’t vote for her even if it is between her and a Dem. People are just sick and tired of politics as usual.