ASU students: First Amendment protects their rights but not Sheriff Arpaio’s

The State Press at Arizona State University runs a puzzling opinion piece by student Dustin Volz.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been invited to participate in a roundtable question and answer session with three Cronkite School of Journalism faculty members.

Volz advises students against raucous protesting of the sheriff, citing “Like he doesn’t already know you hate him,” as a reason.  Instead, the fledging journalists, learning their craft well at a school named for the darling of the media liberals, are advised to go and listen to the session and then challenge Arpaio — although they have no idea of what he will say.

A Facebook event titled “Rally Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio at ASU Downtown” already sports hundreds of members vowing to come out and show Sheriff Joe how they feel about his treatment of illegal immigrants, according to Volz.

“But protesting Joe won’t do a thing; he’s seen thousands of picketers in his 16-year tour of duty. He continues to win elections by double digits, so the rallying efforts of angry protesters is little more than white noise to his aging ears,” the obviously wet-behind-the-ears Volz opines.

He might have missed the recent KAET Cronkite/Eight poll concluding Arizona voters like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s approach to his job and disagree with the federal government’s immigration-related decisions to curtail the sheriff. The poll indicates a 61 percent job-approval rating for Arpaio. Seeing Red AZ carried this report last month.

Volz wrote a previous article on the Fort Hood massacre in which he said “Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan may prove to reflect our apathy when it comes to news that isn’t instantly relatable. [Michael] Jackson’s death was tangible because his songs made us dance, and the suicide on campus made us pause (briefly) because we share in the often-stressful experiences of being a college student.”

The slaughter of innocent servicemen and women — one pregnant — is not “relatable” to these vacuous fledglings.

Get the picture?

If the Arizona Republic is still publishing when these students graduate, their ideal jobs will be waiting for them. All the more reason to cancel your subscriptions now.

3 Responses to ASU students: First Amendment protects their rights but not Sheriff Arpaio’s

  1. Calypso says:

    It’s bad enough that this kid is so impaired that he would write about Sheriff Arpaio: “Like he doesn’t already know you hate him.”

    He further illustrates his journalistic “skills” and adolescent predisposition by saying he is more attuned to the pervert and drug addict Michael Jackson than the young service personnel who were cut down by a madman yelling “Praise to Allah!”

  2. sherriaz says:

    Once again the indoctrination of our youth by the liberal educational machine is evident. I’d put this loser up against the kids who broke the ACORN story- and showed true journalistic ability- any day of the week. They will be winning Pulitzers in a few years while this kid will be working at the daily in Fresno.

  3. Chuck says:

    Makes you real proud of the excellence in education being provided at ASU’s Cronkite School of Journalism, doesn’t it? These are your tax dollars at work! It reminds me of the old saw, “My mother thinks I play the piano in a brothel. I wouldn’t want her to know I was a journalist.”