Thanks, J.D.

Our appreciation to those of you who have noticed and commented on the national attention Seeing Red AZ is garnering.  Between the hits we are getting from POLITICO, (Sheriff Joe fundraises for a potential McCain primary challenger), the liberal Huffington Poster Dawn Teo, the National Journal’s Hotline On Call, The Hill, and The Washington Independent, alone, our stats for the past two days are off the charts!  We couldn’t have gotten this national coverage without J.D. Hayworth’s powerful name attracting such prominent attention.

This is a clear indication that the nation is watching Arizona’s 2010 senate race and senses the vulnerability of John McCain, who won his home state by a mere 10 percentage points in the 2008 presidential match-up. Just two months ago, Rasmussen Reports headlined that a decisive 61% of Arizona Republicans say McCain is out of touch with the party base.

Although other candidates have entered the race to affect a challenge, they are clearly second-stringers. Former Congressman Hayworth is formidable.  If he declares for this seat, we believe it is his.


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  1. ALEX H says:

    Congrats to SeeingRedAZ on the increase in viewers. I have recently become a “regular” viewer, looking for more good news about true Americans and efforts to remove the loony-left d-crat socialist plague.

    President Palin will need the support of a truly conservative congress to undue the damage inflicted by the loony-left d-crat socialists and JD will be much better help than AMNESTY-JOHN.

    It’s just too bad that AMNESTY-JOHN wasn’t retired in the last senatorial election; that might have prevented the loony-left take-over of our country.

  2. Dist. 7 PC says:

    This national interest is a sure signal that others also think McCain is vulnerable. None of the senator’s other challengers have merited this scrutiny. JD Hayworth has a loyal following and is a known and respected politico. His views resonate with his 5-day-a-week listening audience on his daily KFYI talk show. I rarely miss it!

  3. Dennis O'Brien says:

    JD Hayworth was badly mistreated by the newspaper which editorially zinged him as a “bully,” when it was old Harry Mitchell that aired a campaign ad that showed JD in the crosshairs of a gun sight. Of course old Harry got a pass on that. JD was wrongly linked to an unscrupulous DC character and was found innocent of all charges, but had to spend a fortune mounting a defense. There is no apology for any of that, of course. That is what he is attempting to pay down before deciding what he will do. One of the sites said he was paying off old campaign debts, which is patently false.

    I, too, intend to attend the event with Joe Arpaio. If JD enters the race and challenges McCain, I will volunteer to help in any way I can. I’ve been complaining about McCain for a very long time. This gives me the opportunity to put some action behind my words.

  4. sherriaz says:

    JD is gaining momentum without even declaring! A strong base of loyal listeners will be ready and waiting when he does!

  5. 12 AM Rider says:

    We more than “sense” McJerk is vulnerable. Grassroots Arizonans woke up and got off the couch this year! McPain’s democrat bona fides have never shown brighter and we the people are having none of it.

    Republicans statewide are refusing to let McStain take us one more inch in Obama’s direction.

    We need J.D. now!

  6. Doc says:

    Villanova, Hometown Guy, & fellow J.D. supporters-I was a Simcox supporter, & still will be if Chris decides to run for Jon Kyl’s seat. I like Chris, a lot. But in my opinion, it’s gonna’ take legislative experience to repair the mess the head muslim, & his a$$ociates, including Mr. McCain, are making of America. I’ve got to stand behind J.D. in regards to McAmnesty’s seat. I look forward to meeting you all at the event!

    And J.D. sir, it’s my honor to donate what I can to you, whatever you use/need the $$$$ to pay for! I look forward to ‘seeing red’ with you & all!

  7. Maggie says:

    I count the potential for a J.D. Hayworth candidacy among the blessings I am grateful for. Think of the benefits of having Trent Franks and J.D. representing us here in Arizona! The other Republicans are so “moderate” they might as well be on McCain’s mavericky side of the aisle. I am disgusted with the lack of conservatism we see from them. I actually withheld my vote in the last congressional race, because I would never vote for a Democrat, but sure couldn’t in good conscience vote for a Mini-McCain, which is what Shadegg has become.

  8. American Dad says:

    I sure hope he makes this a reality! It’s not just Arizona who needs this good man, but the entire country needs another solid conservative vote to retrieve us from the clutches of the liberals now controlling congress. Consider this a plea on behalf of my children, J.D. They will have to live under the horrendous excesses and mess created by the liberals.

  9. Helen Post says:

    It is so obvious that we are all sick of McCain and are so looking forward to getting behind JD to save the Republican Party from the final McCain coup de grace.

    Unfortunately, JD has built our expectations and hopes up so high that if he decides not to run, there will be a huge let down. It will probably end any future political hopes for JD. Conservatives have long memories. I do not know how forgiving they would be to someone who had the opportunity to end the disaster named McCain and declined to do so.

    I believe there are so many conservatives throughout the country who would thank God for a JD race against Amnesty John that it would be a referendum on the future of the Republican party…..Continue with the same McCain type leadership or to a new Reagan generation of truly conservative leaders who have respect for the Constitution. It is all in JD’s hands.

  10. Twin Cities Transplant says:

    I just read the bizarre comment from AZ GOP chairman Randy Pullen on the National Journal’s Hotline On Call link. Who does this guy think he’s fooling? He must think we are all drinking the same McKoolAid that he is glugging down. Sorry, Mr. Pullen, but you are wrong on all counts. Maybe Pullen missed the highly creditable Rasmussen poll of likely Republican voters — 61 percent of whom said McCain was not representative of them or their views. I can buy that!

  11. Carl in LD19 says:

    I’m ready for McCain to begin a different career. I would prefer Hayworth for Governor but Senator works for me too.

  12. nightcrawler says:

    There are really two races at play. The primary and the general. Even if the Hail Mary is caught and a primary is won by last minute conservative grassroots heroics, the general will be a different matter altogether. Expensive and nasty. In CD5 we had a clear voter advantage in the last two congressional elections and couldn’t win. In the general, McCain gives us the best chance to win, that is what Pullen is trying to say and I agree.
    The position of Governor would be a better fit and a higher percentage shot.

  13. Doc says:

    nightcrawler-in my opinion, anybody who’s paying attention can see that McCain was, & is causing BIG DAMAGE not only for Arizona, but for America. If he TRULY believed in currently doing the right thing for his constituents & America, he step down NOW, & support J.D. to take his place this weekend. And from what I’ve read here, on Michelle Malkin’s site, Atlas Shrugs 2000, On & On & On, I don’t believe I’m the only one who feels this way.

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