Dem duo Harry and Philly get economics lesson from Delia Garcia

Seeking a holiday message to provide a platform for their political grandstanding,  Congressman Harry Mitchell and Phoenix Mayor Philly Gordon hit upon the idea of urging Phoenix residents to make “at least one out of three purchases” in locally-owned stores. Teaming with a group calling itself Local First Arizona, the message is to help local businesses weather the Obowma enhanced recession.

“For every $100 that is spent in a locally-owned store, we get to keep $45 of it in our community,” said Gordon, quoting information from a national study of the impact of local buying by an Austin-based organization, Civics Economics.

Interesting that an Austin, Texas based study is being used to advocate for support of Arizona businesses.

A visit to both organization’s websites illustrates they use similar language and figures, customizing their findings for other cities such as Pelosi’s San Francisco and Obowma’s hometown of Chicago.

Remember Harry? The former high school teacher, who should understand basic economics, was nonetheless onboard voting for all of the unsustainably costly Obowma bailouts, trillions in government expansion programs and the socialized fed-med overhaul. But he assists the local economy when he is in town, by getting his haircuts at a local barber, according to the report in the daily.

Gordon oversees Phoenix’s “Sanctuary City” status, compelling taxpaying citizens to fund benefits for the illegal aliens he coddles by providing safe haven from the law. His help consists of supporting illegals who are taking jobs from Arizona workers by accepting substandard wages.

Although support of local businesses is commendable, Arizona’s Wal-Mart spokeswoman Delia Garcia,  pointed out that the Arkansas-based retailer employs 32,000 Arizonans, spent $1 billion with Arizona suppliers last year alone, paid $342 million in state sales taxes and donated $10 million to Arizona charities. Information is available here.

5 Responses to Dem duo Harry and Philly get economics lesson from Delia Garcia

  1. Dist. 7 PC says:

    These two are embarrassments! They sound like fools and the fact that they are trumpeting AZ businesses while utilizing a Texas firm gives ample evidence of what jerks they are. Does anyone take either of them seriously? They are tools of the left.

  2. Doc says:

    Seeing Red-Please don’t refer to “phliaberto” as “Philly”. I’m from that neck-0-th’ woods, & they got enuff trouble as it is…without having the “sanctuary cities rep with the head muslim” tied to their name…

  3. Sgt. Preston says:

    I support local businesses by spending a whole lot more than the 15 bucks every few weeks that the nitwit Mitchell brags that he spends for his local haircut, when he’s in town and doesn’t get the FREE one from the congressional barber. Since he’s thinning, it probably costs him less than that!

  4. Read Bull says:

    Gordon needs to save a little Grandstanding for the issue of restoring American jobs.

    Attrition through enforcement. Three words you’ll never hear from Obama’s socialist soldiers, Gordon and Mitchell.

  5. ron says:

    How many of Walmart’s 32,000 employees are subsidized by you and me because they qualify for AHCCS? National average for Wally World is that 33% of their employees are on the public option for healthcare.

    Wally World lady spokesperson also didn’t tell you how many sales taxes they aren’t paying because the build on indian land and so avoid sales taxes in Prescott and Flagstaff.